Add-on Builder Helper (discontinued) No Restart

This add-on has been discontinued and no longer has any functionality.

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1,403 users
Added June 21, 2010

Scholar Search Link

Add Google Scholar\'s paper search link to the Google search results page.

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218 users
Added June 16, 2010

CATS Toolbar

Save time when sourcing candidates and contacts from websites like LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder and Dice. Click the CATS icon to parse contact information from web pages. Review and make edits, then click submit to add the data right into CATS.

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177 users
Added June 16, 2010


Add notes to websites, including comments, links or even images. It can help you doing research on the web, remind you, etc. It is simple and easy to use.

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2,972 users
Added June 15, 2010


telnet client extension specifically designed for BBS browsing.
It support mouse browsing and FireGestures script.

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17,027 users
Added June 13, 2010

Steam Forums Menu

Access to the Steam Forums faster and easier

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29 users
Added June 7, 2010


A doc worker.

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Added June 3, 2010


Parse Selected Text and send to Google Contacts

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5 users
Added June 2, 2010

Expression Evaluator (using BODMAS)

Given an expression, it evaluates the expression using Bodmas Rule.

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Added May 30, 2010

Extension Options Menu

Adds extension options dialogs to the Tools or Titlebar menu and includes toolbar icon.

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5,495 users
Added May 29, 2010

KaiRo.at Mandelbrot

Mandelbrot browser, based on high school final thesis work of Robert Kaiser, but completely rewritten

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1,018 users
Added May 29, 2010

Fire Commander No Restart

Two-pane file manager

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895 users
Added May 26, 2010


This add-on allows you to interact with your accounts at Delicious, Flickr and Bibsonomy and helps you to mantain a coherence in the tags that you have used in those websites.

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42 users
Added May 21, 2010


colorXtractor is a Mozilla Firefox extension, written for people with color blindness. It helps people with color blindness to distinguish colors.

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Added May 17, 2010




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Added May 14, 2010

Openchaching Pretty Printing

Simplifies a geocacher's life when printing cache descriptions from www.opencaching.de

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35 users
Added May 13, 2010

IBC Userfilter

Zeigt im Forum der Internet Bike Community ausschließlich die Beiträge bestimmter, frei wählbarer Benutzer und blendet alle anderen Beiträge aus. Dies ist vor allem sehr nützlich zum Verfolgen der Live-Berichte bestimmter Benutzer.

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Added May 9, 2010


Local file access proxy for JavaScript-based web applications running on Firefox.

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Added April 28, 2010


Pretty simple and sexy screen capturing tool

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Added April 15, 2010

F1Project Drivers Roster

A addon for F1Project.org Browser game to add a Drivers Roster of all drivers to the drivers page

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Added April 8, 2010