Up & Coming Extensions


eBay Window

Search and view eBay products from a single window. Support for eBay Austria, Germany, UK, Ireland, Motors and United States locales.

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98 users

CNN IQ Raiser

Filter out low IQ articles from the front page of www.cnn.com.

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14 users

Unsearched No Restart

Remembers to clear your search bar every time to make a new tab so you don't have to.

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131 users


reKommend is the first ever browser sidebar that allows you to easily share & bookmark your favorite websites with one click! Rekommend saves you time & makes sharing fun!

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49 users

CityVille Link Exchange

Allow to instantly share CityVille links on the website www.CityVilleLinkExchange.com, to gain and let other people gain CityVille rewards!

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289 users

SSL Button

A button that redirects the user to the secure version of a web page using SSL.

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451 users


JsBloat is a Firefox extension that helps determine what fraction of the jQuery library a web page uses.

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110 users

RYM Enhancer No Restart

Enhancing your RYMing

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2 users

JIIT Proxy Switcher

A simple button to switch proxy settings between no proxy and the proxy settings of JIIT college. When you switch to JIIT settings, the corporate client login screen pops up automatically so that you can log in quickly.

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34 users


Shows either a padlock or an eye icon on the URL bar

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324 users


FireICE - Undo the ICE damage (with fire!)

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142 users

Copyto / Clever bookmarking No Restart

Official add-on to drag & select, keep or delete certain parts of web pages and save it to your Copyto.co account.

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37 users

Essential Household Items - Paper and Plastic

This toolbar button allows you to track daily sales and deals on all essential household paper and plastic products, such as paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, napkins, and trash bags. If you buy these items regularly, this tool can save you money!

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Awesome Bar !!

The Awesome Bar makes it easier to browse the web quickly and easily.Now you don't need to to go the browser bar to follow a URL or to make a google search indeed the Awesome Bar comes to you !!

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201 users


Clear SSL cache.

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135 users

Open In Illustrator

Open In Illustrator is a new companion for web and graphic designers to open up any web image with Adobe Illustrator via a single and quick mouse click.

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278 users

OpenID Login

Provides a Login button to handle logging in to OpenID-enabled sites.

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115 users

Firefox a mida xarxa alumnat Institut Montsia

Configuració a mida del Firefox per a l'Institut Montsià d'Amposta

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==== OBSOLETE ==== This Add-On is no longer necessary ==== Instead, get the addon named "Padlock", which can give you the same experience ====

On insecure sites, show a reminding symbol that security is not being used.

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38 users

Monster Jobs

Search and view Monster Jobs!

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26 users