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Sends selected text to search on Goodreads from context menu.

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Folol Reporter ( Egyptian Revolution )

هذه الأضاف للتمكين من المشاركة بشكل فعال في الجيش الرقمي الثوري المصري

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Foodlve Daily Diabetes Diet

Foodlve provides a new free service "Daily Diabetes Diet "
You can track your food daily

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Access to all food articles, tips, facts, recipes, calorie calculator, diet tips and more

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Footnotify is a Browser Extension to display footnotes as a pop-over. All that without upsetting your point of reference.

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Regardez les chaînes de votre Freebox directement depuis votre navigateur. Il faut être éligible au service de télévision. Cette extension utilise le plugin VLC pour mozilla,il faut donc bien veiller à cocher cette case lors de l'installation de VLC.

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When you select a word on a webpage, right click it and select "FreeDictionaryLookup" it will pop up a panel with the definition for you. Ctrl-1 and CMD-1 can be used as well after selecting the word. Click outside of panel to dismiss.

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Freemote v6

Freemote telecommande pour Freebox 6.

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Frelic Helper

Frelic Helper helps you to grab backlinks simply by websurfing. No more copy and paste, just a click.

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Fresh CSS

Reload all stylesheets in a page using a customizable hotkey or button.

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Fronter Auto Login

Gemmer din kode på fronter så du ikke skal skrive din kode hver gang du skal logge ind. Husk at trykke gem adgangskode når din browser spørger dig om det.

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Gatherer Clipboard Search

Searches the Gatherer database for a list of Magic: the Gathering cards on your clipboard, and opens the result in a new tab.

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Geography Puzzles

Learn Geography by doing map puzzles. Learn where things are. Just like that comes in the box jigsaw puzzle with rotatable peices

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Get Coupon Codes

Get Coupon Codes : Find coupon codes, promo Codes and discount for online stores

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Get Google's cached version of the current page.
You can do this from:
1. GetCache's toolbar button.
2. Context Menu (Right click on a page)
3. Keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Shift+Option+C or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C)

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GG.GG URL Shortener

A simple URL Shortener using GG.GG

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Quickly shorten URL's with

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Github Shortcuts

Add some basic navigation keyboard shortcuts to Github.

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Click on the widget with a 'W' logo then a commit message is grabbed from and put on your clipboard. Now you can paste anywhere you want to.

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-1 Button for Google+

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