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ďťňľ - Doplň diakritiku

Ďťňľ je jednoduchý nástroj na automatické dopĺňanie diakritiky. Označte ľubovolný text s chýbajúcou diakritikou a výberom možnosti "Doplniť diakritiku" z kontextového menu ju program doplní za vás.

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Bookmark Box

This extension stores browser bookmarks into the user's Dropbox account and syncs them across multiple computers and web browser.
All the bookmarks are stored in Dropbox as files in app folder.

Available for Firefox and Google Chrome

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Além de consultar o saldo de todos os seus cartões Ticket em apenas um clique, aqui você também encontra as melhores opções em benefícios refeição, alimentação, cultura, transporte e gestão de despesas da sua frota leve ou pesada.

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Show Host IP Benötigt Neustart

Shows Host Resolved IP address

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Show external css/js files Benötigt Neustart

Show external css/js files in new tab

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Погода в Томске, Бийске - Benötigt Neustart

Актуальная и точная погода с сайта

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Netflix Travelist

This extension allows Netflix users to access the 'My List' feature while accessing Netflix from outside their home country or through a VPN.

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Co-op Statement Downloader

Adds a download link to Co-operative Bank online statements to download your transactions in CSV format. All processing is done locally in your browser.

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A browser plug-in that wipes out the word 'cancer' from your online life.

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Handy Calculator

Handy Calculator made as Simple as typing in the web page. Just use as 'c: expression =? ' and see the result instantly. For help type 'c: help? ' This is the simplest, easiest and fastest browser calculator.

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WooGang Benötigt Neustart

Biggest WooCommerce Extension GPL Club online

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BuiltWith Tab

An alternate BuiltWith add-on which shows info in a background browser tab.

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阪大の人向けの拡張機能 Benötigt Neustart


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A zoom slider, for some sly zooming.

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Select Address Bar Plus - Linux

Selects the address bar in Firefox running under Linux OS with a single click

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Famous Adage

Famous Adages, Sayings, Proverbs ... and more.

A big and interesting collection from

Read this collection of famous sayings. They will stay with you forever !

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Youtube Suchleisten Fixer

Einfaches AddOn, was die Suchleiste auf Youtube-Seiten nicht mitscrollt.

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BitDo Link Shortener

Shrink any link!

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The Z:wordz search extension. Use your Z:wordz link to access your webpage instantly.

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Perfect Redirector

Automatically prevents Malware from known malicious websites. Prevents loading of known blacklisted sites, browse the net-safer!

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