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Windows 7 Theme for Firefox 3.5 作者:EnkeiChrome

Seamlessly Perfect Windows 7 Theme for Firefox 3.5

- Google Tweaked
- Time Conserving add-ons (skip screen, showcase, smarterfox)
- Stylish Add-on with Styles list!

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Web Developer's Toolbox 作者:Mozilla

Speed up the development process by using add-ons to troubleshoot, edit, and debug web projects without ever clicking away from Firefox.

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Lifehacker's Must-Have Extensions 作者:Lifehacker.Addons

Ten broadly useful extensions, as detailed at:

(There are technically 10, but Gears can't be installed from Mozilla's site)

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optimized firefox 作者:Davy Jones

A collection of carefully chosen eclectic addons which extends the power and functionality of Firefox. Subscribe to my collection so as to keep abreast with the development of new and better addons.

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Power User Pack 作者:IDenis

Collection of Add-ons for power user, sys admin, developer, surfer etc.
Most powerful add-ons which would change interface to better and tidy, add some cool functionality. No funky sh*t!

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Better Pack 作者:Lifehacker.Addons

Lifehacker's "Better" add-ons, compiling multiple Greasemonkey tweaks for YouTube, Reader, Gmail, Google Calendar, Flickr, and other sites.

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Privacy Matters 作者:Mozilla

How do you protect and manage your privacy online? The add-ons in this collection are designed to help give you more control of your personal information.

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Firebug Add-ons 作者:Jeff Balogh

Add-ons that extend Firebug. From Unfortunately, not all the add-ons are hosted on AMO.

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The Paranoid Kit 作者:TheParadox

The add-ons' selected in this collection are relatively "passive" and produce minimal disturbances in 'typical' day to day browsing. It effectively blocks most ads/tracking concerns.

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Windows 7 Theme for Firefox 3.5 作者:turnerburns

An automatically generated list of my installed add-ons

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電腦玩物推薦擴充套件 作者:esorhjy


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Add-ons for Google Products 作者:The Shareaholic Team

Makes using Google tools easier.

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Smarter Shopping 作者:Mozilla

Make online shopping faster, easier, and maybe even a little cheaper.

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Best of Firefox Addons 作者:Hardik Bhatt

BFA Best of Firefox Addon Collection of xmarks, adblock, Hide Caption, Download Statusbar, DownThemAll, FoxyTunes, NoScript, Tab Mix....So on Full list and suggestions

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Chrome's Best Features 作者:Lifehacker.Addons

Add-ons that add Chrome functionality to Firefox.
Based on:

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ADD/ADHD in Firefox (Jacek's Favorites) 作者:absjacek

THE Cure for ADHD - Food for Your Restless Mind Interpreted Vicariously in Firefox!
Collection of addons for Internet addicts and the uber-/omni-curious minds.

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Gmail Addons you must have! 作者:The WiseStamp Team

Using Gmail?
Gmail's good, but it could be this collection we gather the Best Gmail extensions just for you.
☛ Subscribe to this collection and get all Addon updates.

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Downloadsquad Pack 作者:filmgirl

Soup up your browser with selections from the staff and some of our readers' favorite add-ons. They'll help make your browsing safer, more hassle free, and more productive!

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Multimedia Pack 作者:Lifehacker.Addons

Handles your pictures, music, videos, and other media better than the defaults.

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Firefox 4.0 Theme & Features 作者:muckSponge

Get Firefox 4.0 Theme & Features in Firefox 3.5+

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