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名称 mcdavis
注册时间 三月 5, 2007
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NASA Night Launch 需要重启

Dark theme for Firefox. Inspired by the night launch of STS-116.

评分4星,满分5星 (680)
1,611 位用户

Stacked Inspector 需要重启

Switch DOM Inspector to an over/under vertical layout instead of the usual side-by-side panel layout.

评分5星,满分5星 (10)
187 位用户

Night Launch Companion 需要重启

Fine-Tune Night Launch Themes

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Dark Backgrounds Switcher

Discontinued as of Firefox 37 评分5星,满分5星

I emailed the author and he said this add-on is discontinued. It clearly doesn't work for Firefox 37. Too bad, it worked great and was easy to use before that. He said it's up for adoption if anyone wants it.

Rainbow Color Tools

clever 评分5星,满分5星

Great idea, and the most recent version automatically adapts UI controls to alternate Firefox themes (dark ones too). Clever implementation and works great. Thanks!



nice work 评分5星,满分5星

This one deserves all the glowing reviews. It's one of the most creative and well-executed. It's good to see an original icon set. Bravo!



fantastic! 评分5星,满分5星

Fantastic idea -- thank you for making this add-on.

Two features requested:

1/ display the default document icon in the tabhunter list for documents that don't have a favicon

2/ allow the option to hook this to the all-tabs button so that when you click that you get the tabhunter window instead of the all-tabs popup menu.

Thank you again.



nice concept 评分4星,满分5星

I like this concept. It's a lot of fun, has a good-looking UI that does some cool and non-obvious things.

The only thing I would change is to NOT put this add-on's options into a new pane on the Firefox options window. What if every add-on did this? What about users who are using larger font sizes -- such as those with visual difficulties -- meaning space in the (unresizable) Options window is an issue? I think the authors should just do what every other add-on does and put their options UI in its own options window.



nice concept 评分5星,满分5星

I like this concept. It worked as advertised and has a good-looking UI.

The only thing I would change is to NOT put this add-on's options into a new pane on the Firefox options window. What if every add-on did this? What about users who are using larger font sizes, meaning space in the (large, unresizable) Options window is an issue?

Unless you're making an argument based on exceptionalism (and how well has that worked out over the last eight years) you should just do what every other add-on does and put your options UI in its own options window.



fantastic! 评分5星,满分5星

This theme is fantastic! The toolbar is just beautifully done, the colors are awesome, the gradients and borders are perfect. The whole thing looks like it's glowing. There are just a few things to finish up (bookmark icons don't show in a few places) but no doubt the author will fix these up over time. Very very nice work.


Walnut for Firefox

love it 评分5星,满分5星

I don't know what that comment by Hater is about, but I think this is one of the best themes around. It's fun, fast, complete, and professionally executed. It's great that the author updates it for extension compatibility. Five stars.


Red Cats (green flavor)

love it 评分5星,满分5星

This is one of my all-time favorites. It's so pleasant throughout and completely themed. The textures are perfect. Spend a couple minutes with this one and you'll really appreciate it.



outstanding! 评分5星,满分5星

Silvermel is a fantastic theme that handles the new UI in Firefox 3 in a consistent and attractive style, including awesome new icons for the bookmarks library. If there are better themes than Charamel they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and here we have Charamel in smooth and sleek silver. Very very nice.


Cylence Theme : Amethyst Variation (for Firefox 2)

another nice-looking cylence theme 评分5星,满分5星

Another entry in the Cylence series of themes, Cylence Amethyst is a nice-looking derivation off of the standard Firefox theme rendered in muted purples. Other than icons and theme graphics, this theme allows the native appearance of widgets (like checkboxes, scrollbars, window backgrounds and so on) to show through. This will make for easy integration with your desktop appearance. If you're using a desktop theme based on the colors of Grape Kool-Aid, this theme will blend right in.

NASA Night Launch

Sidebar Fix for Web Developer Extension 评分5星,满分5星

Damon Toal-Rossi posted this review:

>> Nice, but screws up sidebars
>> by Damon Toal-Rossi on June 13, 2007 (rated 6)
>> I'd love it if this theme didn't make sidebars unreadable.
>> That tends to be the problem with "dark" themes

I contacted Damon for clarification. He was kind enough to point out that what he meant was that with the Web Developer extension, the Web Developer "dashboard" (which acts kind of like a sidebar but actually squeezes itself in with the contents of the current tab) showed up with black text on dark background and was both unreadable and unusable with this theme. Other than that, the usual sidebars (Bookmarks, History, Sage) all worked and looked great.

The latest release (0.5.20070615) of NASA Night Launch has code specifically to fix the Web Developer dashboard.

Thanks again Damon for pointing this out!



Looks great 评分4星,满分5星

Review of Vista-Aero Theme
Thursday, June 07, 2007

First Reactions:
Wow! Like it a lot.

Lots of custom bindings to give the UI an IE7 appearance. I bet IE users looking at Firefox will really appreciate that.

Sets window and dialog background colors to match the rest of the theme, which is nice (not all themes do this).

Handles all toolbar modes: big/small icons, text+icons/icons only/text only, normal/fullscreen (but not the FullerScreen extension).

IE7-style additions take up space in the toolbar that I might end up missing. IE7 users might not mind, but I might look into disabling them with userChrome.css

Would like a statement from the submitter stating that they hold all IP for the icons (and specifically that they're not copied out of the Vista/IE7 UI).

In large icon mode, the phishing warning (safe browsing) icon scales too tall. The close button on the safe browsing popup is cropped off on the right edge.

BUG: Bindings put Bookmarks and History buttons on all sidebar headers, but you really only want them on sidebar headers that occur in the main browser window. For example, they also appear on the Help window (where they don't even work) and in the middle sidebar of the Sage extension, where they duplicate themselves from the top header of Sage.

Correctly glows for new tab.
The browser tabs are confusing me a little. I wish there was more distinction between current and other tabs.

Overall, this is an excellent theme and with a couple fixes will be rock-solid. Nice job, developers.



10 of 10 评分5星,满分5星

I love this extension. It's small, it's smart, and it works every time. Two thumbs up.