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19,963 筆評論
  • so nice
  • Not as fast as FVD, but that was removed for "sideloading" their module. It's back up, but it isn't reliable. This one is reliable over multiple downloads.
  • very goog!
  • If you like to get video download and also Web videos of YouTube at in your account or site , you will love it.
  • All I want is to download MP3s. That's it. I don't care about the video or all these extra file types. This app just makes it unnecessarily difficulty. Uninstalling.
  • Sehr zuverlässiges Add-on, manchmal zickt es aber auch etwas!
  • I like the app but sometimes there are incomplete downloads. Please look into it.
  • Ottimo veramente ottimo
  • ดีมากใช้มานานแล้ว
  • Poprzednio było dobrze, ale teraz wgrywa ogromny znak wodny (kod qr), zasłaniający dużą część ekranu.
  • I can't speak to how this add-on compares to other video downloaders, but then again I feel like that's the point. I've only ever used Video DownloadHelper and never had to use any other add-on of this type - and I download a lot of videos. It's great!
  • não consigo baixar video original