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  • Unusable with fast changing websites:

    I always have CookieClicker open in a pinned tab in background. This game has not a lot, but frequent changing text. My CPU fan was spinning up and I now found that Firefox was maxing out 2 CPU cores due to this addon (confirmed per about:performance report).

    It's unacceptable for an add-on to skyrocket CPU usage. It's "monitoring for text changes" must be limited to the currently open tab at the very least. But it's apparent there're more power savings/optimisations possible.
    Why would you want to use Textmarker on pages that frequently change their text content? Doesn't make any sense to me. You can opt-out of automatic content script loading and decide yourself for each website to load Textmarker or not. Also, this skyrocketing CPU usage can't be reproduced - neither by me nor by users who help me testing. So, if you want to enjoy free open-source software with less bugs then helping the devs in supplying detailed bug reports would be more efficient than letting the world know about what'd be acceptable and what not. Cheers.
  • After initially it failing to work.
    It sudenly started working.
    Now i haver to give 5 stars becuase it works as good as i wanted it to work.
    The ability to do Keyboard shortcuts and quick highlights and notes is briulliant.

    Lots of kudos to the developer for this Addon. I'll even make a donation if it continues to work well.
  • First of all Thanks for that great app. But I must say it's a shame, I can't use it on my Android ! Especially the marking, which is the most important feature on your app. I can do marks on my computer but not on my phone. Why ?
    this addon is not for android. i don't know why mozilla let's you download it for android, but at the end it's up to the user i guess ;)
    so please don't downgrade this addon for it not woring on a platform it was never intended to work on anyway. like it says on this page at the very top: "Parts of the underlying WebExtensions API are not supported on Android".
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  • Bom dia, acabei de usar a ferramenta no modo manual para testar as funcionalidades e achei tudo muito fácil e prática de usar, além de ter muitas opção de personalização para as pages web do Firefox. Contudo, senti desconforto na hora de não podoer finalizar minha page Notes apertando "Enter" e sim apertando com o mouse em "Save". Vocês poderia fazer mais algumas pesquisas para verificar qual a melhor decisão para aplicabilidade e adicionar mais velocidade no momento de encerrar uma note Page.

    Uma outra sugestão boa seria adicionar atalhos para alguns botões que estejam a disposição no teclado, leio muito e fica difícil de fazer um makeup da page e ficar focado o tempo todo na leitura.

    Obrigado pelo software, ajudará muito a me organizar com o Browser, os outros estavam me deixando louco, o melhor atualmente é o Mozilla Firefox.
  • Super Addon, funktioniert leider nicht in "Frame Only" daher nur 4 sterne
    ? there is no "frame only" mode
  • Does not work. It says my marks have been saved for future sessions. When I load a page I've previously marked I get a message popping up saying my saved marks have been restored and should still be there.

    But they aren't there. They aren't saved or restored and all the marks I previously made don't come back.

    Edit: I removed the add-on, re-installed it, and now I can't get it to work at all, even for one session. Also, the add-on button keeps disappearing from where it's supposed to be. It will appear when firefox is launched, but disappears a few seconds later. This is definitely not functioning at all for me.

    2nd Edit: I've read the damn instructions, and now I can't even get it to highlight anything, even for one session. It's not a violation of any rules to tell people that your worthless add-on doesn't work.
    I created this extension for people who appreciate free open-source software and seek help via e-mail or GitHub in case they have trouble using it correctly.
  • It's really helpfull, excellent.
  • I love it, but sometimes it does'nt keep my markings...
    Hi Charlot, unfortunately it's impossible to achieve a restoration rate of 100% on live pages, because Texmarker has to indirectly find the correct text passages after reload. The most common reasons for a failure are the page's content having changed since your last visit or the a script is rendering content after the page has fully loaded. For the latter you can just try the retry button in Textmarker's sidebar.
    The only way to assure a reliable restoration of your highlights is to save the corresponding page - i.e. locally or using a service such as Pocket - and combine it with activating saving for immutable pages under Settings > History.
  • Amazing extension. Thnks a lot Dudes !!
  • Crazy resource consumption.
    If you use many tabs, please DO NOT INSTALL, or your Firefox will freeze and it will be really hard to remove the extension.

    @Developers: no, my computer is not slow (like you replied to another user). You should learn how to optimize your code instead of blaming users that complain about it.
    This review violates against the review guidline rules and is not helpful in order to approach a potential problem.
    If you encounter any troubles with Textmarker please contact me via e-mail or post an issue on GitHub. This way other users might benefit from it.
  • Could you please add "create folder" function to help users better sort out saved history? Also, could you please let users set and change local directory for saved history? If possible, please refer to an outdated add-on called Wired-Marker. Thank you for your work!
    Feature requests via e-mail or GitHub only please;) See also the remark on the main page (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/textmarkerpro/) right under "About this extension".

    @folder: The history works with tags (instead of folders). You can add tags to each history entry and filter your entries by tag names; this has the same effect as opening a folder - instead of putting your entries in folder "someFolderName" just add the tag "someFolderName" to those entries.

    @local directory /
    @ref to Wired-Marker:
    I'm not sure I understood what you mean. Please follow the feature-request-procedure mentioned above. E-mail is fine, but opening an issue on GitHub lets other users participate as well.

    Best wishes, underflyingbirches