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Personally identifiable information

We do not collect personally identifiable information, except when you contact us by email or make a donation. In these cases, we only use this information to reply to you (e.g. "Thanks for the donation!") and we do not share this info with anyone.

The privacy of your links

We also realize that the links to files you download with Skipscreen may be very private (like an internal document, or an unfinished song). In situations where we collect these links (say, in our referral logs, or if you send them to us in a support request) we will not make them public or share them with anyone.

As an additional privacy measure, you can prevent your browser from showing referrer information for given sites using the Firefox extensions Refspoof and RefControl:

This is something we care about, and at some point we'd like to include this referrer-blocking code in Skipscreen. For now, all third-party sites are loaded from inside an iframe, and should see as the referrer (not the original download link).

Anonymous information

Like most sites, collects anonymous information including IP address, browser type, operating system, referrer, pages that you access, date and time of your visit and time spent on each web page. This information is not personally identifiable, and we will only use it to improve Skipscreen, if at all.

Skipscreen (the addon) loads content from in two cases. First, when you install Skipscreen or upgrade to a new version, it loads a "What's New" page. Second, after you download a file from a Skipscreen-compatible site, Skipscreen loads a post-download page that includes an iframe loaded from This page is optional and you can turn it on and off in your Skipscreen preferences (Tools > Addons > Extensions > Skipscreen > Preferences > uncheck "ShareScreen").

Third Parties

Pages on (including the post-download page iframe) may contain content from third parties, including advertisements. You should consult the privacy policies of these third party services or ad networks. To prevent Skipscreen from loading content from after each download, you can disable the post-download page in your preferences. To block advertisements, you can use the Adblock Plus Firefox extension:

Search Refinements
Versions of Skipscreen from 0.1.09102009 onward will show "search refinements" above results on popular search engines, made available by Surf Canyon. The queries sent to Surf Canyon to retrieve these refinements are not logged, and neither is the corresponding IP address. Clicking on a refinement link brings you to Surf Canyon's site, which is subject to their privacy policy: (

Changes to this Policy

When we update Skipscreen or make changes to, this privacy policy may change. Please check it periodically.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about Skipscreen and privacy, please contact us! Email: skipper at skipscreen dot com

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