Firefox Multi-Account Containers 版本記錄

版本: 7



版本 6.0.1 154.9 KiB 相容於 Firefox 57.0 及更新版

Bump release to 6.0.1. Fixes #1296
Fix missing assignment check mark. Fixes #1271
Remove badge background error. Fixes #1293
Add in missing favicon. Fixes #1285
simplifying the solution
prevent event handler when edit containers disabled
npm fixes
fixes vulnerabilities in npm
resolves #256 disables edit-container button when no container is present
removing event loop and using requestAnimationFrame
restructuring the code acc to the review
adds back the unnecessarily removed new line
fix-#1028 resolves focus name field on opening new container sub-panel
review changes
#885 disables move tab to a new window when only one tab is opened
Update GitHub URLs
Cancel redirects for the same requestIds and urls if originating from the same tabId

版本 6.0.0 129.6 KiB 相容於 Firefox for Android 57.0 及更新版, Firefox 57.0 及更新版

fd72ce1 Fix assignment test to check for the new openerTabId property
6e45532 Add tests for external webextensions feature
e015638 Adding an s://
ee64734 Bumping version to 6.0.0 to account for latest fixes
609f62a Allow webextensions with contextualIdentities permission to get assignment Closes #1095
ce84665 Add management permission to manifest.json Part of #1095
7dceaf6 Cancel requests with the same requestId Prevents potential redirects from opening two tabs Closes #1114
b6bcd99 Add test for issue #940
9bc9509 Added assignment feature test Part of #1107
a16cae0 Fix for siteSettings is null
30e5a27 Fixes #1084.
1e16e20 Fixes code markdown wrapping under Development in the README section
af986e8 Set the openerTabId to a tab that won't be removed/closed
7e04c46 Pass the openerTabId when automatically opening tabs in containers
166420d Ignore JetBrains IDE files
d7a2b43 Fix #1053.

版本 5.0.1 128.8 KiB 相容於 Firefox 57.0 及更新版

Move to a Web Extension only. Fixes #1005
Maintain the active state of the redirected tab
Adds shortcut to open containers.

版本 4.1.0 152.0 KiB 相容於 Firefox 53.0 及更新版

df8471a bump version to 4.1.0
18539f2 ignore webextension/web-ext-artifacts
7c1105a Change (un)install changes to only work for >57. Fixes #858 and Fixes #900
3129814 when user reaches container tab count, show achievement panel
4e6eee2 start containerTabsOpened counter
a7be3c9 TextEncoder/TextDecoder from Cu.importGlobalProperties - #949
8166a37 add steps for signing, AMO, and GitHub to README

版本 4.0.3 148.1 KiB 相容於 Firefox 53.0 及更新版

adadb98 bump version to 4.0.3
c433c6b Clean up disabled Private Mode notice. Fixes #878
1c09c29 Fix assignment of stale containers. Fixes #803 Fixes #827
07711aa Preventing default on enter handler as it seems to call click handlers now. Fixes #856
16ed899 Change delete title to remove. Fixes #700
88e6dc7 Add strict min version and extension id and bump version to 4.0.2. Fixes #692. Fixes #852
77ba1b7 Store only one of the current version opened. Fixes #833
e84e482 Minor README edit
3ec81e3 Add launch notice in README
01a6288 Fix dumping UUID image into the page. Fixes #812

版本 4.0.2 147.9 KiB 相容於 Firefox 51.0a1 及更新版

版本 4.0.1 151.3 KiB 相容於 Firefox 51.0a1 及更新版