No warning when uploading keys 评分 1,满分5星

This addon does not provide sufficient warning when you click upload public keys. (Sufficient warning = a popup explaining that uploaded public keys can't be removed from the key servers once uploaded)
This can lead to leaking of private email addresses that you wish to keep hidden from the public.

Nub To PGP 评分 5,满分5星

Just started using today, when I looked into securing my email myself (especially after "another" Yahoo incident) I thought it would be daunting, thanks for proving me wrong. keep up the good work, and Thanks Pat.

better integraion with S/MIME 评分 5,满分5星

Fantastic add-on ,
i am using both type of encryption PGP/MIME and S/MIME and will love to see better interface to manage both of them from one place.
having a radio button inside the composing windows toolbar that enable selecting either S/MIME or PGP/MIME
so selecting one, will automatically deselect/disable the other one.

I love this one 评分 5,满分5星

This is the most confortable way to use PGP on an E-Mail Client at all. I'm very exiting waiting what will happen, when PEP will be integrated here.

Only Problem I'm having on Debian: IceDove (Thunderbird) crashes at random events. In the console this seems to be a problem with Enigmail.


Best extension in the world 评分 5,满分5星

Best extension in the world... really... too easy to use emails encryption with Enigmail.


Easy to install and works well 评分 5,满分5星

As recommended in some forums, it is best to install GPG BEFORE Enigmail.
i tried it on Win 7 and Win 10 pro, TB 48.4.0 with GPG4Win:
very easy installation,
en- and decrypting and/or singing of Emails work smooth and easily. Thank you very much!

Wie in manchen Foren schon gesagt, ist es empfehlenswert ZUERST GPG und dann erst Enigmail zu installieren.
Ich versuchte es mit Win7 und Win 10pro, TB 48.4.0 mit GPG4Win:
sehr einfache Installation,
Ver- und Entschlüsseln und/oder Signieren von Nachrichten läuft sanft und problemlos.
Vielen Dank!


아주 좋습니다 评分 5,满分5星

거의 완벽에 가깝다고 할 만큼 좋습니다. 사용하기 편리하게 UI가 구성되어 있고 편리한 자동기능들이 많습니다. 시각적으로도 보기 좋도록 잘 디자인되어 있습니다. 키 관리까지 가능하도록 만들어 놓은것이 아주 좋네요.
PGP/MIME을 지원하는것도 마음에 듭니다.


Setup auf dem Mac wie geschmiert! 评分 5,满分5星

Ich hatte 2013 noch die oben genannten Probleme, auch nach einer Encryption-Party haben die Erweiterungen auf dem Rechner geschlummert. Dieses Mal ging es supereinfach. Danke! Dafür geht in Firefox die Überleitung zu Paypal/Spende nicht... nur das Fenster verdunkelt sich etwas, sorry. Mac PBP 15" end '11, OS 10.10.5, FF 48.0.1


Works Well, but Awkward Installation and Configuration 评分 5,满分5星

Downloaded, added, found that it hung on attempts to download GnuPG. Then, after manually downloading GPG4Win (GnuPG is the Linux variant), the wizard would not start. I ended-up having to generate a key with GPG4Win, but the Setup Wizard (and other settings) can be found under Enigmail in the drop-down menu with 3 horizontal bars to the top right of the main Thunderbird window and, from that, keys can be imported and other changes implemented.


Linux mint 17, problems with 1.9.2 评分 3,满分5星

To use it on Linux Mint: I'm using Enigmail add-on 1.8.2, Thunderbird 45.1.0. Enigmail 1.8.2 (installed by Synaptic). I've uninstalled seahorse-daemon, seahorse, keyring, gpgv2. I have installed gnupg, gnupg-agent, gnupg2. I've deleted in home hidden folders: .gnupg/ , .thunderbird/. Finally on terminal :

sudo nano ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf

and add the line "use-standard-socket" (this will allow Enigmail to communicate with gpg-agent)

After reboot Enigmail in Thunderbird works.


HiDPI support missing 评分 4,满分5星

Great tool but please add HiDPI icons for e-mail status indication. With 2x scaling factor (GNOME3) the icons look just too blurry and plus too old-school anyway.
With more and more high resolution displays out there, this is really a thing.


Saving a draft is always encrypted 评分 4,满分5星

When I toggle encryption and signing off inside the compose message window and save the mail as draft, it's always encrypted.
Because I can't find an option for this behavior I guess it's a bug.


thank you for the reply - this settings must have been added some time ago and I just didn't see it since then ...


That's a feature, not a bug. You can turn off encryption of drafts in the account settings under OpenPGP Settings.

评分 5,满分5星

Lack of some options, but not critical


Viel zu kompliziert 评分 1,满分5星

Ich will von 1000 Mails eine einzige verschlüsselt senden. Nach erheblichem Installationsaufwand - die Links in den Tutorisals sind zum Teil veraltet, man muss recherchieren, wo man GnuPG herbekommt - muss man JEDES MAL ein Passwort eingeben, wenn man Thuderbird startet. Die beiden ersten Versuche, verschlüsselte Mails zu senden, schlugen auch fehl. Der Empfänger konnte die Mails nicht öffnen. Bestimmt haben wir etwas falsch gemacht. Aber wenn man selbst als halbwegs erfahrener Computernutzer die Software nicht intuitiv begreift, besteht diesbezüglich noch erheblicher Verbesserungsbedarf. Warum kann das Versenden von verschlüsselten Mails nicht so einfach sein, wie bei bei "Telegram" zum Beispiel? Einfach auf "neuer geheimer Chat" klicken, und los geht's...

Inzwischen habe ich das Add-On deinstalliert, doch IMMER NOCH verlangt Thunderbird die Passworteingabe. Enigmail hat Thunderbird zerschossen!

PS: Inzwischen habe ich auch Thunderbird neu installiert, doch IMMER NOCH verlangt Thunderbird die Passworteingabe.


Superb! 评分 5,满分5星

One of the best extensions out there for Thunderbird (the best email client around).

It's easy to setup, easy to use and, doesn't interfere at all with the way you already work... :)


PGP essential (HTML does work!) 评分 5,满分5星

Although it admitedly has some quirks regarding the interface this extension works quite well. Does what its supposed to including HTML support (since PGP/MIME is enabled by default from 1.9 on)
Quote from the Enigmail 1.8 Manual (p. 49):
"HTML messages cannot be handled well, if you are using the OpenPGP inline format. The PGP/MIME format, however, can deal flawlessly with HTML messages. Unfortunately, not every mail client can interpret the PGP/MIME format."

Another plus: Thunderbird Conversations is compatible with Enigmail.


Completely messes up formatting settings 评分 1,满分5星

A nice idea but it totally messes up all your HTML and wrap email formatting settings. Every email you send after installing is in plaintext mode, whether you use PGP or not. Plus there's a very ugly and intrusive toolbar. I'm a great fan of PGP but I uninstalled this add-on after less than a day because of the hassle. Then I had to spend ages resetting all the HTML composition settings for all my accounts and identities so Thunderbird would go back to how it was before (hint: make a backup of your profile before installing). I want to send maybe one or two encrypted emails every week. For those one or two, it's great. But the hassle for the other 99% just made it useless for me. If I need to use PGP I'll just encrypt my message using GnuPGP tools elsewhere and copy-and-paste it. Don't install this add-on unless you only ever want to send 1990s-style plaintext emails to everybody.


Most important add-on 评分 5,满分5星

It works great and is easy to use.


Great stuff... 评分 5,满分5星

... but can you put the icons from the toolbar into the statusbar?


评分 5,满分5星

Ok,fantastico,funziona alla grande e decodifica rapidamente.Si integra perfettamente con le e-mail di Thunderbird.lunico problema se cosi lo vogliamo chiamare è stato creare la chiave pubblica,impiegando quasi 40 minuti,ma una volta realizzato non ci si pensa più.Faccio notare che HTML viene escluso in via di scrittura,ma si può ripristinare in seguito senza problemi dalle opzioni.Sapete io sono uno esigente e quindi senza le e-mail HTML non potrei vivere,comunque Enigmail invia testi solo in formato base,ma per quello che mi serve va bene,per non parlare dei File che si possono inviare anche codificati dallo stesso programma.Ve lo consiglio,lo uso su Linux.
Saluti dall'Italia 01-09-2015