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  • Keep up awesome work
  • so far the best substitute for tab groups i've found. would love to be able to set a shortcut! thx for your work. & of course, eventually trees would be cool.
  • Works well, but is not a real replacement for the original Tab Center Testpilot add-on. Tab Center Redux is just a sidebar like your history or bookmarks sidebar. It cannot auto-hide, doesn't remove the tabs at the top of the browser, and it must retain the sidebar switcher above the "New Tab" button. It's not the Dev's fault, but it really isn't as elegant as the original. If you just want a box that lists your tabs on the side of the browser, this works just fine.
  • I love this extension, Thanks Firefox team.
  • Together with custom userChrome.css it's a great Tab Center replacement, and with next release seems it will be already better than original!

    Check out my config: https://github.com/eoger/tabcenter-redux/issues/118#issuecomment-333330397 :)
  • being toggled by the addon home page


    confusing. but all good now (to the previous comment)
  • Very helpful for power users who browses with many tabs.
  • Wow! This works inside the sidebar. I like that.
  • Absolutely indispensable for those of us that keep a large number of tabs open.
  • Ive been using Tab Center (from Firefox Test Pilot) until it disabled and deleted itself.. So i found this.

    It works good but has one glaring fault. it DOES NOT REMOVE THE TAB BAR ACROSS THE TOP OF SCREEN.

    Other than that, it's good.
  • In the past, if you were seeking for similar experience, you had to switch to other chroium-based browsers like Vivaldi, Opera, etc.
    While now this amazing addon makes all the difference.

    (+) works with pinned tab
    (+) customizable ui
    (+) features dark-theme ui
    (-) cannot makes sidebar a float window; however this limitation is due to Firefox itself.

    Tested on FX 58.0a1 (2017-09-25) (64-bit)

    過往,若你想要類似的功能,你就得用 Chroium 系的瀏覽器,例如 Vivaldi, Opera 等等;然而有了這個超讚擴充套件,一切都不同了!

    (+) 支援釘選分頁
    (+) 可自訂的 UI
    (+) 有暗色介面
    (-) 沒辦法讓側邊攔浮動;不過這限制是火狐本身的關係。
  • I had an update to FF56 and now Tab Center (without Redux in it's name) is disabled.
    I tried this extension but it's not the same. Group Tabs extension is not respected. Button in window title bar to toggle horizontal/vertical is missing. After I switch this extension to dark theme it still has a big portion on top white. I closed it and there is no button to open it back. While it was open, the real tabs on top were still there.
    All in all, this is much more beta version than the one it replaces.

    Firefox should start respecting their users. Why would they switch technology to disable so many good addons and not even provide a compatible alternative.

    And if the other good vertical tabs addon was a test pilot project, nobody before making it thought that it might catch on? Why made it with old technology in the first place?
  • - Does not remove tabs line on the top
    - Load all tabs (Does not respect group of tabs from Tab Groups extention)
    - Does not work with pinned tabs
    - Can not be hided as on Tab Center's screenshots
  • Vertical tabbar is very handy on wide screen. This extension is as good as Tab Center. While Tree Style Tab (either the original or the WebExtension version) is more powerful, I don't need those extra functions.

    Just wish Mozilla will release an API one day for hiding the tab bar more easily other than through userChrome tricks.
  • Looking for a replacement for Showcase but without all the bloat. I just want visual (thumbnail) tags, aligned vertically to scroll when necessary.


    Make an option to NOT display the text but to display only a thumbnail of the page--the text is just wasting space.

    Get rid of the normal tabs as they are redundant and just waste precious screen space.
  • Best extension for vertical tabs among those that will continue to work with new Firefox.
    Clean and pretty, with the useful option of having either page preview or compact mode.
    The only thing that bugs me is the priority order which makes a new tab active when closing the active tab. It's not the same as the previous extension I was using (tab utilities).
    Thanks a lot for this awesome work.
  • please make compact icon-only just like old tab center
  • I had to go to two stars because it does have a vertical column of extra tabs as promised . . . but the tabs are still on the top, too (why would I want two tab bars?) and they're not in a tree, they're not grouped, they're not drag and droppable, the idea of a pinned tab is not meaningful . . . Honestly I think moz should have delayed nightly 57 until they had gotten someone to fully replace tree-style tab and just integrate all that stuff into the browser itself. Sorry tab center redux, it was really not fair to you for mozilla to send me here from the "find a replacement" button.
  • Couple of things I've noticed as I've ventured into FF v57 (no turning back!):

    - Tab previews for new tabs aren't updated until I click the tab (by design?)
    - Would be great to have a way to determine which tabs have been visited and which are new unvisited ones (eg I use TabMixPlus for this, handy when opening a lot of links in new tabs)
    - Would be great if tabs were shown in a Tree (so you could easily see parent tab/collapse child tabs)
    - Support for VivaldiFox colouring would be awesome too
    - Took me ages to figure out I had to enable the sidebar and show Tab Center Redux - might need to show users how to do this
    - Hard to know if you've opened links in new tabs once the vertical pane is full (eg new tabs are hidden from view unless you scroll down the tab pane)
  • Now there's a okay replacement after Fx56
  • Great work!

    To hide the default tabs toolbar (for now until Mozilla releases a proper tab toolbar API) add this to userChrome.css:

    visibility: collapse !important;

    Furthermore go to customizing mode and enable "title bar".

    The result will be a proper tab side bar without seeing "default tabs".
  • Second only to an adblocker in my must-have extensions.
  • This is an awesome add-on. It seems completely integrated with the rest of the browser (even has the transparency/"vibrancy" on macOS), and matches the default style as well. It's too bad that the tabs at the top of the browser can't currently be hidden, though.

    EDIT: The search feature seems to interact in strange ways with VimFX, however.
  • 希望可以收缩成只显示图标列。
  • This is a good add on but it would be even better if it had the ability to hide the top tabs