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  • What a pity !
    It worked for a while again, and now no more :-(
    I miss it, I miss it :-)
    To the developper : would you have an explanation ?
    Kind of you if you would have a solution
    for this problem :-)
    remark : the score would obvioulsy be 5* if it worked...

  • Very useful, I quickly got addicted to this functionality. And now that Gentoo finally upgraded Firefox from 3.6 to 7, I had to make a version that works properly with it. It can be found here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/link-status-redux/

  • Great Addon -
    does exactly what it says, and does it well!Would be wonderful if you could tweak it to work for Seamonkey 2.3.3 - It worked fine with Seamonkey before ! - (The new Bitacora 1.7 update for link-status for some reason doesn't work) - Thanks :)

  • I made an update of this addon, which can be found at

  • Please, update for Firefox 6! I use FF 3.6 just because this addon. :|

  • Please update for Firefox 5. I have altered it to work with Firefox 5 myself but it is interfering with my ability to use drop down menus (flashing menus, some other bugs). It's one of my favorite addons, though. Please make the new version where the status shows right in the status bar where the link URL always shows. Thanks!

  • I like your addon very much. This is what I'm looking for a long time, but it doesn't work together with the addons "Redirect Remover". Maybe there is a possibility to fix it?

  • please update for FF5

  • just because it does not work in FF4 I keep using the version 3.6

  • it is nice to see that the addon still works in FF4, but it's very hard to read because the background is transparent. does anyone know how to set a solid background color for the link status?

  • Can confirm that this add-on still works with FF4

  • it works but sometimes its hard to see.


  • This addon intended for FF 3.5 but it STILL work on FF 4.0 and working nice! Great!

  • Nice in the case you're already concerned with link target url, the icon (and visit time) appears near it. Visited links can't be visually sorted out though.

  • I have some trouble with this Add-On because it confuses the links in my Live Bookmarks I have stored in Firefox. Is there a way to disable certain folders from displaying whether their links are bookmarked or not as I keep them in the folder "Bookmarks Toolbar".

  • Hi,

    I've read all comments and author's responses and agree the author's "intuitive" suggestion of marking links "near" the link itself is ideal since it's very unergonomic to current look.link-hover.link-look.status-repeat style approach compared to look.link-look.status style (no RSI either)...

    Author complains about the 'zilla bugs for that approach which some resolved which others I don't understand. Author also mentions security and privacy issues which I couldn't associate with the addon either. Currently instead of this addon I'm using "Stylish" visited-style plus "Link Visitor" mark-bookmarks-visited which in total allows me not to revisit (unless intentional) bookmarked or visited links yet not distinguish in between...

    As far as privacy, security and under the hood; I'm also concerned about those too but not to the level of paranoid since after some point resistance is futile and besides there are many workarounds as it comes to programming (though don't know mozilla specifics) to achieve same result. I've seen and using many other addons which overlay on canvas yet not complain over privacy...

    Anyways take me for a noob and please explain why the most ergonomic approach can't be implemented currently in simple words???



    Though I have not tried, I think that it is possible to put an icon near the link if you are not concerned about privacy. I am concerned about privacy, so I will not implement this method. If you want this, write your own add-on or ask someone to write one.

    A good news is that bug 147777 will be fixed in Firefox 4. This means that visited link styling will not be a privacy issue in the future.

    Also, bug 130078 will be fixed in Firefox 4, which can probably be used to put an icon near the link without having a privacy issue. Unfortunately I have not had time to investigate this possibility.

  • I'm afraid Bug 574688 - replace the status bar with the addon bar &/or Bug 587908 - On hyperlink hover, display the target in the location bar has broken Link Status, and I'm sad.

  • Warning: Doesn't revert the changes made on uninstall. You need to disable "Ignore :visited link style", save changes, THEN uninstall the add-on. Aside from this it seems to do exactly what it says.

  • For those concerned with their browsing privacy:

    Websites using a certain method that exploits the fact that the links that you visited have a different color, can see the most popular of the websites that you visit (like http://startpanic.com/ shows you).

    To avoid this you can go to about:config, find layout.css.visited_links_enabled and double-click it to change to "false". The disadvantage is that you can no longer distinguish the links that you've already visited. So here is where this addon comes in, which seems to work via a different way than the one that websites can exploit.

    This is the deal as I understand it (and someone who knows more can correct me if I'm wrong). I know there are also other advantages of this addon, but I send this message for those who like me are concerned mainly with privacy/security.

    Review: It works great. I would appreciate also if you could make an additional way of viewing the link status messages, instead of showing them in the status bar. I usually have the status bar disabled and I had to enable only for this addon.


  • Good job! Please make possible for changing color of star like 6 colors of superstars in gmail! I can't recognize that very small and weak yellow star, its like colorless!
    Even (options) "visited time" ranking by colors: neon red for minutes, neon orange for hours, neon yellow for days, neon green for this month, neon blue for this year, neon purple for last year).


    Thanks for suggestions. I do not have a plan to change the icons depending on the time when you visited the page last time, because doing so will probably make it difficult to distinguish whether the page is bookmarked or not. If the default icons are too difficult to recognize, you can replace them by following the instructions on http://www.unsanitized.net/linkstatus/#custom-icons .

  • Excelente Extensão. Não pode faltar no Firefox de ninguém. Aprovada e Testada no Firefox 3.6.3. Parabéns ao Desenvolvedor!!!


    Thanks for the review. Glad you like it.

  • i'm really really hoping there is a way to integrate or make this compatible with *fission's 'statusbar in addressbar' feature. there is just so much convenience in both options and now that it's actually woing for me, i'm torn between choosing DX

  • Very useful Add-on - good job.

    One very minor thing though is I'm not too keen on the star icon being so close to the edge. I think it looks much better with a small margin to the left - e.g.:

    .statusbarpanel-text-linkstatus > .statusbarpanel-icon {
    margin-left: 5px;

  • I confirm bug (i use add-on statusable and bug visible with add-on theme Classic Compact) : 'When you hover over a link with a very large URL, all my other Status Bar icons are shifted off screen to the right.' (bug on img 2009/07/25 http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/3929/bugoverflowskin.png )

    Please, modify the file 'browserOverlay.css' !

    XP: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\abcd1234.default\extensions\{252c06c0-17cb-42e3-b034-57cbbf8b4bdb}\chrome\linkstatus.jar\content\


    .statusbarpanel-text-linkstatus {
    -moz-binding: url("chrome://linkstatus/content/bindings.xml#statusbarpanel-text-linkstatus");
    /* anti bug overflow */
    overflow: hidden;

    (by me (i'm not expert!): 1.2.0+.20090823-18h5600fr-FR = anti bug overflow + translation Fr + img (for futur about.xul) = http://www.cijoint.fr/cjlink.php?file=cj201001/cijtKJg10Z.zip or direct = http://www.cijoint.fr/cj201001/cijtKJg10Z.zip )

    This is a great Add-on, thank you !
    (I'm french, sorry for my english.)


    I had already fixed the bug reported by Wired69 in Link Status 1.4. Thank you for the report anyways. If your bug still reproduces with the latest version of Link Status, please write to me by email including the version you tried.

  • Essential security add-on. See the proof-of-concept demos on the authors homepage.