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  • 老哥这个贼好用啊,谢谢!
  • I too would like to have a tab like XUL firefox versions have it
  • Sadly it can't be opened in a standalone tab, occupying a lot of space and too narrow to view.
    Since 2.3.2, the date column has been removed. Hopefully it seems better now.
  • Hello, thanks to your great work! And could there be an option so that I can view without the website icons on the left? bc some of the icons not zoomed to fit in lines are really messing it up. Better if this bug's fixed :)
    Hi, thanks for the feedback. Actually in version 2.x, the website icons are gone completely, because the APIs I used to retrieve website icons was deprecated and the replacement API isn't in place yet. Details please see: https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/api-in-webextension-to-get-icon-of-the-url-in-a-history-visit/18679
  • The addon stopped working after the webextension update. I could access the page before with chrome://history_in_threads/content/historyinthreads.xul but I can't even access it from anywhere again even from the sidebar
  • I found the icon for this add-on missing. no way to add it to the menu bar.
    Please access it using "View->Sidebar" for now. I've opened an issue here: https://github.com/program-in-chinese/HistoryInThreads_WebExtension/issues/12
    Thanks for the support.
  • This has been one of my favorite apps for years. It's quite useful.

    When I found a problem that prevented downloading of the latest version, the developer fixed it within an hour. Amazing responsiveness from a freeware developer. Thanks.
  • The only thing to add is a translation of UI to another languages.
  • I found this by accident and was delighted that somebody took the time to write such a great plugin.
    Great to know it's still usable. Please consider sharing it with your friends if you really like it.
  • I cannot believe this addon exists. I found it by accident looking for a way to delete a tab's history. He even bothered with a version for pre-Australis ppl. As soon as I'll have some spare cash, I'm donating. tyvm. go chinese ppl !! ^^ :)
    My seven year long history finally makes sense.
    Thanks a lot for the review. In the beginning I actually naively imagined that the addon would replace the built-in history function soon lol. Please help me selling it to other firefox users you know :)
  • 1) better integrate "Clear History by Threads" into one addon
    2) better support user-defined time range, e.g. 3 days
    1) actually it was intended to make the browsing history read-only to this addon, to simplify the addon. So I chose to separate the other features that change browsing history to other addons.
    2) I can totally see the requirements there, but currently I don't see an elegant and simple way to fulfill it. If you happen to have good ideas or even can contribute to the code, you are more than welcome to contact via the repository of the project https://github.com/nobodxbodon/HistoryInThreads
  • Except for one very minor issue this is waaay better than the built-in history.

    When I close a tab, sometimes I really just wanted to go back a few pages in the stack. History In Threads makes it simple to find -any- of the pages I clicked recently. This also works the next time I open Firefox. Undoing a closed tab won't help me in that case.

    The issue I mentioned only happens if you are using another extension to manage the sidebar. This is because they don't provide an standard way to handle user-defined sidebar content.

    In my case I found a kludge to get History In Threads to work better with OmniSidebar. It may also work for the other sidebar add-ons but I haven't tried it.

    First create a bookmark to the chrome://history_in_threads/content/historyinthreads.xul page (mine's on the bookmark bar). Then edit it to open in the sidebar.

    You'll need to enable the 'Keep the panel loaded when the sidebar closes' option in OmniSidebar. This allows its autohide feature to work with HIT.

    It's not a perfect solution: if you switch away from HIT to use another sidebar you'll need to click the bookmark again to get back to HIT.

    For me, History In Threads is well worth the extra effort it took to get around the limitations of those other add-ons.
    I forwarded your feedback about the incompatibility issue to the developer of OmniSidebar:
    Thankfully a fix is already submitted to the code base. Hopefully this fix will be in the update of OmniSidebar soon.
  • "History in Threads" is a good idea. It works well but without "All-in-One Sidebar". Impossible to control HiT via AiOS: for example, "Open in new tab" opens a new window instead and then it's impossible to select another panel (bookmarks, built-in history, etc.). Is this a known issue?
    The only issue I have is that, after I select HiT in the dropdown, I need to click the button "Display websites and browser information" (the "sunburst" icon) to see the panel. After it's shown, all the features seem to work as intended. "Open in new tab" opens the url in a new tab, and bookmark / history can be opened in AiOS also.
    That being said, it's possible that AiOS has updated and the incompatibility has improved.
    Thanks for trying out HiT.
  • Great addon! Two suggestions/requests:

    1. Would it be possible to override the ctrl-h hotkey to open this history version and not firefox' one? I'm not very much into clicking buttons :-)

    2. Could you add a blacklist for specific file formats? The most annoying thing is that if you have opened a lot of image files (like .jpg, .png) they spam the history - and if the images are from multiple hosts your history version doesn't help as they aren't threaded but still appear as a long list.
    1 it's a pleasure to hear that you are considering replacing the original built-in history feature. Most likely I'll add a checkbox in addon preference as a user option to override the hotkey.
    2 it's a bit tricky, as there are lots of image types. One option is another option in preference that lets you configure to filter certain url patterns (urls having .jpg, .png, etc), but it sounds a little too heavyweight.
    BTW, the reason that the history is flat for some websites very likely is that there's no thread info in Firefox history for such websites, not because the images are from different hosts. For example, I just tried opening some images in Image Search of a search engine, and all the links turn out to be flat instead of in a thread.
    If that's the case, it'll happen not only to images, or any specific type of the urls. I've not found a good solution for it, and personally I actually have been trying to avoid visiting such websites in Firefox because of this.
    Thanks again for your encouragement and suggestion.
  • Yes sir, i understand that part, but why is it useful , why would anyone want their history tabs in trees?
    There are a dozen comments from the other users of this addon and my other addon "FromWhereToWhere", which is a more complex version. Hopefully they will give some insights about why people want them.
  • The history window is like Firefox 3's history window. :) It is located left of the screen and full window like Internet Explorer

    Editing: I just realized that that full history windows that is located left of the screen already avaible in new Firefox (History Sidebar)
    Thanks for reviewing, and any specific suggestion or comments are more than welcome.
  • OK this is very awesome ! much better than default view .

    edit: wow , you´re so fast to implement BOTH of my requests ! middle-click and expand all items now implemented! thank you soo much ! 5 stars of course ^^
    Thanks for suggesting. Although not exactly as you like, I added a menu choice to expand all items.
  • Hi!
    Thanks for this add-on.
    In my opinion, it would be much better if the history opened in a separate tab, instead that in Firefox history panel.
    Moreover, would it be possible to keep opened the Location and the Last Visit columns, instead of opening them manually everytime I start the add-on?
    I agree it would be nice if it supports both modes, as there are a lot of cases that a user only needs to see the titles thus a sidebar with one column is sufficient. If you use it mostly for keyword searching, I suggest trying my other addon FromWhereToWhere (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fromwheretowhere/). It always opens in a separate tab, and shows at least 'Last Visit' by default. On the other hand, it returns deeper threads, so the search results can be different from HiT.
    Thanks again.
  • What it says it does, it does well. But it definitely needs a few minor additions: The Name, Location, and Last Visit collumns are good, but those collumns need to have the option of being orgainised in the same way as Windows Explorer allows us to organise files inside a folder alphabetically, or by last modified/created.

    Better yet, it would be amazing if the addon could distinguish between when tabs were opened IN ADDITION TO when they were closed.
    I assume you mean sorting the nodes on the same level within the same parent node (like files inside a folder). For now the default order is latest visit time on top.
    The detection of tab opening is available in the power version of HiT, the FromWhereToWhere addon. If a visit is already opened in an existing tab, the context menu will show "Switch to Tab" instead of "Open Page in New Tab"