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When I started to become active on BabelZilla in 2005, I soon became aware of how problematic it was for both me as a developer, as well as for the translators to switch their locale in order to test a new translation. That's when I decided to make an add-on to allow quicker switching, initially only intended for the BabelZilla community, but I soon saw that more developers/users could be assisted by this. In the beginning of 2006 I also added switching of your spell checker dictionary, making this an extension for everyone that uses more than 1 language in their Mozilla application.

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The next release will at least provide easy access to the Mozilla ftp site where you can install additional language packs from. Perhaps I will also add links to the "normal" language packs and dictionary pages on AMO.

Do you have a good idea for a new feature? Feel free to contact me.

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