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HD Converter (fixed) No Restart

Das sehr gute HD-Converter Plug-in von ehemals hdconverter.co in reparierter Fassung. -------
The very best HD-Converter Plug-in from formerly known hdconverter.co in a fixed version.

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280 users
Đã thêm July 7, 2015

McAfee Auto Opt-out No Restart

Automatically opt out of McAfee optional offer when you get a Flash update from https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

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50 users
Đã thêm July 3, 2015

Downloads in a Tab No Restart

Open downloads in about:downloads instead of the library

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21 users
Đã thêm June 29, 2015

فلاش بلير يوتيوب - YouTube™ No Restart

شاهد مقاطع اليوتيوب فقط , من مشغل الفلاش .

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31 users
Đã thêm June 25, 2015

DirectDownload No Restart

DirectDownload makes it possible to directly trigger a download from the address bar using "Shift+Enter". It also makes it possible to download website link targets using "Alt+Click" on the link.

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796 users
Đã thêm May 28, 2015

Vk Music Sync No Restart

Это дополнение позволяет синхронизировать ваш плейлист в соцсети ВКонтакте с любой вашей папкой на диске.

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84 users
Đã thêm April 9, 2015

KickAssTorrent Search

Select some text, right-click and choose "KickAss Search" in the menu, a new tab will open with the searched text.

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225 users
Đã thêm April 8, 2015

Tải Nhạc Chất Lượng Cao No Restart

tải nhạc chất lượng 320 , lossless tại mp3.zing.vn

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12 users
Đã thêm April 6, 2015

JVCReworked No Restart

JeuxVideo.com et AdBlock ensemble, c'est possible !

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51 users
Đã thêm April 3, 2015

Hindi Youtube Video Download No Restart

Easily Download All BollyWood Hindi Video Songs, Movies, Comedy, News, In HD , FLV, Mp4, 3GP And Many Other Formats From Youtube.

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41 users
Đã thêm April 2, 2015

Best Youtube Mp3 Download No Restart

Best Youtube Mp3 Download can convert any YouTube video to MP3, WAV, OGG format online using any device

If you dont see Download Mp3 Button just press CTRL+F5

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537 users
Đã thêm March 30, 2015

Telugu Video Download No Restart

Easily Download All TollyWood Telugu South Video Songs HD, OLD Movies, Comedy, News, In HD , FLV, Mp4, 3GP And Many Other Formats From Youtube.

When You Dont See Download Button Just Press CTRL+F5

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34 users
Đã thêm March 29, 2015

Poulpe image saver No Restart

Just save all images, opening in tabs, with a mouse click

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233 users
Đã thêm March 28, 2015

Web Go/Baduk Board No Restart

Uses HTML5 to edit SGF files directly in the browser.

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77 users
Đã thêm March 26, 2015

facePaste Reloaded

Bugfix of the original facePaste. The original doesen't work with Firefox 36

Fell free to make a paypal donation: umpani_mozilla@gmx.de

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415 users
Đã thêm March 26, 2015


Una atmosfera de ritmos te espera!!!

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42 users
Đã thêm March 23, 2015

IPFS Gateway Redirect No Restart

Firefox addon that provides transparent access to IPFS resources via local HTTP2IPFS gateway.

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22 users
Đã thêm March 22, 2015

Free OmniGraffle (.graffle) Viewer No Restart

Open your OmniGraffle files for free

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87 users
Đã thêm March 18, 2015

Premium downloader for StreamMania

Makes easier to download files from hoster services using StreamMania multi-host provider.

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314 users
Đã thêm March 17, 2015

Display Text Directly No Restart

Treat "text/x-*" as "text/plain"

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59 users
Đã thêm March 8, 2015