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  • please update it for firefox 3.6 :)
  • Please update this for FF3! I miss it and prefer it to the other Christmas theme available.
  • Love this theme and wish author would update for firefox 3
  • update!!

    no work with firefox 3.
  • update!!!!!!
    no work with firefox 3
  • loved it alot when i had it last yr. needs to b updated 2 work wit fire fox 3 tho. plz plz. would luv to use it again.=)
  • This theme really needs to be updated, and windows only? ....i love the concept though, and nice art
  • If you really want to get this, check out this website! Teaches you how to make it compatible with any version in a simple way.


    I didn't make this. I'm so happy with my theme now. Only complaint is that the icons are old looking
  • I would also like to add my plea for the update of this theme.
    Thanks in advance.
  • I'm adding myself to the "begging" list. I check nearly daily for an update compatible with Firefox 3.I waited to update to Firefox 3 until the security issues were overwhelming before updating to Firefox 3, mostly because I knew it would be incompatible with my favorite Christmas theme. I miss it!! PLEEEEEEEZE?? All I want for Christmas is X-Mas 2 for Firefox 3! Well, almost. :)
  • The Christmas season is almost here and we still don't have an update. Please, PLEASE fix it for all of your users.
  • The Christmas season is almost here and we still don't have an update. Please, PLEASE fix it for all of your users.
  • I also would LOVE to see this for Firefox 3!! :)
  • PLEASE UPDATE this for Firefox 3!
    There are so few creative themes for 3, this one would be terrific. I would love to see more reds/deeper colors on this theme. Thanks.
  • Serait-bien de faire de nouvelle version. J'aime bien mettre mon navigateur au couleur de Noël.
  • HOLA

  • I love this theme, but please update it to firefox 3.
  • Please update!!
  • Please please please Santa...can you make this compatible with the new version??
  • Please make the season bright for FF3 with an update.
  • brilliant don't need any thing else I love it, looking for sound to go with it now marks out of 10-10 I found it so easy to download it, and its so exciting I am easily pleased
  • please update for ff3 for the holiday
  • please update for ff3 for the holiday
  • I want only ONE Christmas present this year: the X-Mas theme for FF3!
    Oh, please be St. Nicholas and grant this fervent wish to see the snow falling on our Foxes once again...
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