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  • Addon itself is great, but it causes an issue in YouTube where new videos are not loaded until refreshing the page entirely. Adding the domain to the restrictions box does not fix this problem.
  • Works well, but there is one problem. "Put new tab at the end" doesn't place the tab at the very end of the tab panel every time. Rather, if I tap-to-tab, then switch to that new tab, then go back to the first tab and tap-to-tab again, this second new tab will be placed before the first new tab I opened, and not at the very end like it should.

    Fix this — make it so that tabs *always* go at then end when "Put new tab at the end" is selected — and I'll make my review a five-star.
  • good!
  • thx but have problem in yahoo mail box. delete or empty button not work.

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz solve this problemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    You can add yahoo mail domain to the blacklist
  • I have firefox 62.0.3 on android 6.0. Your old version of extension (0.3.2) works fine, but newer ones do not, when i double tap the link/image it flashes but it doesn't open. Could you please make new versions work for android? Or make a separate extension? It's the only extension i found with that functionality, and i dont wanna reinstall the old version every time after an 24h update.
  • Simple and useful idea, thanks)
    Doesn't work button "add video to playlist Watch Later" on YouTube with yout addon(

  • Double-clicking a link only selects some part of the link. It does not open the link.

    Clicking on a bookmark continues to open the bookmark in THE SAME tab, not a new one.

    This addon appears nonfunctional in the latest Firefox, 61.0.1 (64).
  • It has one job and it does it well.
  • This extension is awesome; I can now open tabs in the background while using laptop touch-pads and not have to hold down Ctrl or Cmd with my other hand.

    I only have one request:
    Make it compatible with Android (or make another version that is)! This would be soooo awesome and would save so much time, because we have to long-hold then tap *every* time we want to open a background tab.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Thank you very much.
  • I really prefer opening links in new tabs in the background, so this saved my life. Works as advertised
  • It works flawlessly.
  • great add-on. works fine and helps a lot. thank you!

    but there is one bug. When using amazon, going to the user reviews, clicking to view all reviews and than try to filter, the buttons won't show their menus until i deactivate this add-on.
  • Very good extension.
    But some sites are working improperly with it (instead of showing menu by click, it opens the link), so I had to disable the add-on...
    Black list might be useful to disable add-on's functionality on some sites.
    Thanks for your suggestion. The latest version supports a blacklist, which you can use to add domains that you want the extension to ignore.
  • Great, thanks!