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  • It's ok :)
  • NICHT EINE Seite wurde geöffnet, jedes Mal Zeitüberschreitung.
  • NOPE... It doesn't work as of this date on YouTube & the latest Mozilla version!
  • Can't use in China
  • Not doing anything ask for pro membership
  • The whole point of wanting/needing/having to use a VPN such as this was in order for us/you/me to remain...Hidden...Unknown...Away from spying eyes; in other words to be as completely ANONYMOUS as you could be. So what the Frackin' hell happened? I don't want to have to register with any S.O.B. to use software I haven't even had the chance to try out. Heck! I don't want to register period...its not like we're gonna be swapping Xmas Cards...is it? :) lol

    VPN software developers are steadly becoming as draconian, demanding and bullying as those other Nosy...Spying...Data-Mining...Control freaking B******S such as Google, Microsoft, Avast and blah, blah, blah.
    The internet is falling apart rapidly and too many of its users are to Fracking lazy to fight back. In about 10 years time the internet will not be worth using because it will be too controlled by all the wrong frackin' people/Corporations/Spy Agency's. UNLESS we can advance underground Tek so far freaking out there ahead of the NSA and the like, so that we can get some independence and freedom back! So get your heads together all you Anonymous non forgetting superstar cyber genious inventors of 'FU Software' and lets take OUR Frakking cyberspace back from the greedy monopolizing dictator NumbNuts currently killing our lives and world.
    Are any of you aware that China (and most likely Iran etc.) has been buying up most of the software businesses that offered anonymity programs to repressed citizens around the world? I was talking of this to a Techie back in June of 2018 and they were totally unaware of this matter. Neither were they aware of the SKYPE, owned by Microsoft, deals being done with the Chinese government.
    One last thing before I fade away! How many of you are wondering about the odd things, the site refusals (especially from Google) and the no choice aggreements everyone is being forced to accept since the new Data Protection laws are being implemented around the internet. Company's are using the new DP laws to royally Frak us all and our politicians are letting them get away with it!
  • Eine Whitelist fehlt! Außerdem gehen viele Proxy-Server einfach nicht. / Whitelist is missing! Also, many proxy-servers don't work.
  • Doesn't work on Iplayer (bbc), even when set to use a GB/UK proxy in Options.
  • Хотел попробовать PRO-версию приложения Stealthy. По ошибке оплатил не 1 месяц, а 1 год. Сразу же написал в поддержку заявление с описанием ситуации с просьбой возврата денег. Ответа не дождался. Потом писал ещё дважды - в чат и на электронную почту. Прошёл уже почти месяц, и я до сих пор не дождался ни ответа, ни денег. На сайте у них есть информация о "30-days money-back guarantee". Но, судя по тому, что на связь они упорно не выходят, то похоже кинут с возвратом.
  • no work from china.
  • Lässt sich leider nur testen, wenn man umfangreiche Informationen preisgibt. Unseriös!
  • It is working perfectly in firefox version above 57. Don't know why people give it a low rate :(. This addon had been a life safer while frigate wasn't ported and it still is because frigate still is not ported XD but I didn't know that frigate has such a nice alternative!
  • Good
  • 1) не работает по прямому назначению
    2) логика работы не продуманна: если выбрать в установках что-то платное и сказать сэйв, начинает спрашивать логин пароль поверх всех окон, без остановки. Если его снести в таком состоянии, но настройки на прокси останутся (всё равно будет спрашивать и зайти никуда не позволит, ни на один сайт, даже скачать самого себя снова), а поменять на free уже будет негде.
  • Дурацкое дополнение. Оно вообще не работает. ОС windows-7-x32 Firefox.31.8.0-esr.
    Полчаса мучался, но так и не смог ни с чем соединиться. Пишет браузер: Прокси-сервер отказывается принимать соединения. Пишет открываемая страница: Ошибка — 500 Internal Privoxy Error.
    Чуть не забыл. Доступ в интернет через usb-модем.
  • чтобы использовать прокси нужен ПРО, что не то что мне нужно. Похоже на обман