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  • By far the best recent innovation in browsing. Sharing bookmarks dynamically is brillant : it just makes sense.
  • An awesome tool for organizing, finding, and sharing what you like on the web !!
  • Best way to organize and retrieve easily my bookmarks I've seen so far!
  • really great. i love pearltrees!!
  • Simply awesome!
  • Simply awesome.
  • Probably the best tool for 'social bookmarking' fonction.
  • Simplement excellent, moins de google, moins de bookmarks... tout est plus simple.
  • my best tool for bookmarking!! and for discovery new sources by connecting people that i don't know but who interest the same thing ... the only social network I really need.
  • Excellente application! Perler en toute simplicité...
  • Surfing, searching, recording, editing, commenting the whole Web... the possibilities with Pearltrees are almost infinite. The Firefox add-on makes it even easier and more intuitive. I recommend it as a worthwhile add-on to any Firefox user.
  • I've dumbed my diigo account for pearltrees. Way more intuitive and so much more fun
  • Great tool for my personnal bookmarking and discovering the long tail of the net on almost any topic! Congrats to the team.
  • Très bon concept, avec une utilisation simple. Un vrai arbre d'intérêt, génial !!
  • Great for sharing organized bookmarks!
  • TB :)
  • Really useful, well built, I can't do without it any more, I use it all the time!
  • Good navigation tool
  • Bravo! Excellente cette nouvelle version, très pratique!
  • Sliced bread was never as important as Pearltrees will be.
    A fabulous add-on for visualizers!
  • Sliced bread was never as important as Pearltrees will be.
    A fabulous add-on for visualizers!
  • With this new version, Pearltrees has become one of my favorite navigation tools!
  • Definitely one of the best tools to navigate, thanks to the pearltrees team!
  • New version in real time is very cool!
  • Amazing changes. If previous versions had conviced me to use Pearltrees, this new release makes it essential to my navigation. Thanks