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  • this tool work fine thanks
  • Awesome! One of my most used extension :)
  • Can you make a smaller toolbar icon please?

    I don't know why but it's huge comparing to other addons' icons.
  • wonderful addon, a must for anyone who wants to explore new things
  • I love this add-on, I use it a lot. It has a prime spot on my menu toolbar, unlike other social site buttons, which are only on my bookmarks toolbar.
  • Bardzo dobry dodatek :)
  • Интересное расширение, недавно узнала о нем, сейчас пользуюсь. Очень нравится для организации хаоса самое то. Спасибо разработчикам
  • Very Good! Isso realmente é uma boa idéia, agora tenho todos meus links em uma espécie de arvore da web, preciso descobrir mais sobre pearltrees seu potencial é enorme!
  • This is cool.....its like u bookmark ur pages according to categories...which will stored as pearl tree....a good interface ,,,,.....besides that it is also public and u can view other's categories of sites and view it.........really cool...must have site....
  • Hey Friends; This has the potential to be one of the best ever add-ons! This is fun and useful at the same time and excellent way of keeping track of your bookmarks on the web.I use this to keep all my links in one place so just try it an enjoy.
  • This is an awesome add-on and site. I use it primarily for researching and brainstorming. Since the pearls reminded me of using mind map software that is exactly how I use it.
  • Очень хорошее приложение для обмена с друзьями, The BEST!
  • i really love this add-ons. it makes my life easier when i shared my files online.
  • These small plugins make my Internet integrated involvement a lot easier to manage.
  • There is a very good idea behind this add on (that is actually a social network): surfing the web by following people having similar interest of you. I suggest it!
  • This is exactly the add on I need. It's so useful for me.
    Like it. Tks~
  • Thank you sooo much. For a highly visual person like me, this add-on is a God send. No more browsing through sub-menus, never ending tabs, 3D "interactive" images, or flipping through countless saved bookmarks that I can't even tell what they were to begin with. Simple, visually soothing, and anti-clutter. I love you guys!
  • This addon not working properly sometimes when open a flash website
  • Votre add-on commence a avoir du succes aller vous le faire payer a terme ?
  • This is a great new way of storing and connecting the web content you want to save. It is most helpful in gathering collaboratively content for research.
  • This is my new favourite tool and delicious replacement: pearltrees.com for social bookmark "curation"
  • I actually stumbled upon this thing while looking for a Delicious replacement. I had just installed Xmarks, and as such, was a bit trepidatious about maintaining yet another bookmark library. That said, it didn't take long before I completely abandoned Xmarks AND Delicious. Delicious had a very nice tagging scheme, and it worked well enough, but the layout Pearltrees offers blows it out of the water. I honestly don't think it could be any more intuitive to populate, or easy to navigate. I'm hoping they provide the option to view your entire Pearltree "constellation" at once; not for any practical reason mind you - I just think it would look cool.
  • I haven't used Pearl yet but congratulations, it looks like you've really outdone yourselves here. It reminds me of a link-wheel crossed with interests/bookmarks. Downloading now. Many thanks!!!
  • Fantastic software. I love all the options. It has greatly increased the speed and efficiency in which I now browse the web.
  • enfin !