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  • Fast and efficient download, and installation on the browser. Brought me right away to sign up to use the add-on.

    Found it easy to use and to save websites that I would like to either revisit, or to use later on. The adding of websites to a collection did take longer than I expected to show up, causing me to confused as to why I didn't see anything until a few minutes later.

    Overall, a great add-on to help me be organized while on the web!
  • It does everything it says it will do, and does it well.
  • Hi! Absolutely amazing web tool! I'm recommending it to everyone I know!
  • Pearltrees is great add-on. It has original and beautiful interface. I can save interesting things in internet and share them with my friends.
  • Está muy bueno... pero no entiendo mucho. Quiero el idioma español.
  • Doesn't work properly in Firefox 35.0.1. Clicking the button in the toolbar will just open my pearltrees profile without adding anything to my collections or my dropzone, etc. Clicking the star that sometimes appears next to videos or links on website will just prompt a popup asking me to login or register, either of which will again, simply redirect me to my Pearltrees account, effectively doing nothing. Super useless.
  • Bug sur la pop-up d'ajout d'une perle d'un autre dans les miennes. L'image derrière reste dans la pop-up me demandant où je veux perler.
  • does not work on firefox 33.0, endlessly requires login. chrome is working fine
    P.S.: works in firefox had to put cookies in www.pearltrees.com exceptions as trusted
  • Oh, so that's what you meant by 'democratize', huh? I've certainly seen some of the * reviews being deleted, but I didn't say anything on that matter - well, author could've changed their opinion and deleted reviews themselves. Well, ok, stuff happens, right?
    But hey, I certainly didn't delete my review and guess what? - it's missing! So, censoring negative reviews that are not convenient for you is a part of your 'democratize web orgaization' policy, huh?

    It seems that developers can't take a fair criticism and are allergic to negative opinion. Well, here you go, try not to sneeze:

    Squarefolds is nothing close to the product which received so much positive reviews. It was Pearltrees. Did you notice that there's almost no positive reviews for this product that came after May. Well, that's because they've taken everything, that was good in Pearltrees - customization, organization, trees, pearls. Instead of unique pearltrees that you had in version 1, not you just a pile of square icons, tossed in a folder.
    Squarefolds is just a... disappointment.

    P.S. Let's see how long this review lasts.
  • hello everyone.. my english is not that good sorry.. and this one is great but i want to save my computer folders on the internet but i dont know which one should i pick its so hard and i cant really understand it please help .. T_T
  • Puts a pretty button on firefox that links to a blank page...... one star... could not ever create an account..
  • Nice extension. thanks for development
  • Great extension. Love to share things on this flash website.
  • Beautiful
  • Awesome! A more stylish way and easy way to organize my favorite sites. Glad I came across this and decided to try it out. I prefer it over the default bookmark option. Thanks.
  • Best yet, you can preserve that page in case it disappears.
  • Pearltrees is a perfect tool for me and the way I use information, think about subjects (I have A LOT) and organize them.

    Quasi mind-mapping with the ability to curate, annotate and find similar from other dedicated users. Since users are global (company is in France), you will have a better chance to find stuff that the big search engines ignore.

    One of the few apps I pay for.

    If you go Premium, you can do more than comment on a link. You also can make trees private. Best yet, you can preserve that page in case it disappears.

    I can't stand linear bookmarks because that's just not how my mind works.
  • Fun way to order all your favorite sites together and see who shares your interest. I also like the option to discover new sites in a quick way.

    The only downside is the fact that I can't seem to find a simple "Log Out" button anywhere, maybe I am not searching good enough or it's not really clear at all.
  • Realmente bueno y útil. Mola.
  • Ich finde das add-on gut
  • Long time fan of this early social bookmarking site that recently opened up premium memberships (option for private pearls). Great way to find similar sites or use it a search engine.
  • This is fun and the ui is beautiful, It feels a bit like wikipedia, you move, and move and learn stuff. It's easy to get stuck and goes too far.
  • Excellent Extension that will help you find related people and Pearls for discovering Similair websites that is possibly in your interest.