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  • sure its nice 2 use. put this isn't for your own personal use.
    have to pay so that other people can't see what you've saved. thats anti-consumer in major bad way.
    also wont work with the bookmarks you already have. have 2 import a new set.
    all we want is a PERSONAL bookmark manager that uses thumbnails to organize our stuff better.
  • Super
  • Bookmarking Is Tomorrows Memory, Alibi and teacher.
  • very good
  • 很不错
  • wonderful and useful extension i am using per day and i really enjoy and boosting all my post and i see all my post in 6 months in one page and that's awesome
  • not exciting
  • Interesting idea, but if you want to keep your collections private you have to pay for the premium version. It's basically a different take on Pinterest... unless you pay up.