1.279 đánh giá
  • Worthless demo junk
  • Что вы б***ть сделали?
  • really this is useless after 9.0.3 version
  • ecxelente
  • it´s very dificult start download
  • El más rápido de todos con las macros, aunque a veces hay que escribir la misma línea de código dos veces para que la lea, quizás por lo rápido que va.
  • Unforunately, this plugin became pretty useless and crippled down after the take-over from Ipswitch. The macro i had been using for many years stopped working because i am using too many variables (i am using 3 variables!). Ipswitch is offering paid versions but they are mainly focused on Windows platform. I am a GNU/Linux user. Will either have to switch over to Kantu Browser Automation or continue to use old Firefox 45.0.2 with old imacros 8.9.7 version that is still working like a charm.