1.307 đánh giá
  • cannot store pop-ups
  • iMacros is causing big problems in firefox 73.0 and 73.0.1 that did NOT exist with firefox 72.0.2. Specifically, switching to a different tab in a session tales about 20x as much time as before, say 20sec instead of 1sec. Disabling iMacros makes the problem go away. See also https://old.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/f5oa4u/firefox_7301/fi2tizq/
  • outdated
  • Une formidable application hyper simple qui permet de booster la productivité pour des taches simples et répétitives sur le web.
  • Come one Imacro bring back old days FF 45 version.
  • Best recorder from decade
  • Pretends it's "recording", but nothing shows up in the macro even as there is graphical feedback like when clicking and so on.