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Diego Casorran

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I love creating extensions, but it takes countless hours creating and maintaining them. Please consider making a small donation so that the Add-On can be keep clean, ad-free, and updated.

Why was this add-on created.... good question, for fun mainly i have to admit, and because i like to create genuine add-ons, aka add-ons which nobody else created before, at least in the way mine works, sorry if i'm being too pedant ;-)

In the other hand, I liked creating this add-on..yes, it was fun and easy to create and implement indeed, however... now that i've released it, i'm a little afraid regarding what use people will do with it... but well, the license allows me to take no responsibility for any doubtful usage of my work.

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What will come next, well... improvements, obviously. The add-on is currently at a early stage, further improvements/versions will be directly proportional to the support given.

About the Developer

Thông tin về Nhà phát triển
Tên Diego Casorran
Trang chủ http://goo.gl/eyC52
Người dùng kể từ December 12, 2010
Số tiện ích được phát triển 30 add-ons
Đánh giá trung bình của các tiện ích của nhà phát triển Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Who is Diego Casorran?

I love creating extensions, if you like them don't hesitate to follow me and my work at Github: @diegocr :-)