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  • Installed malware on my pc. Still not running right. Had to uninstall FF twice. Any more problems and I'll be done with FF altogether. STAY AWAY FROM THIS
  • I had to go delete it in my appdata files cause my firefox wouldn't open at all, it would show up as a running process but nothing would open. Not recommended.
  • i don't like much because put further bar tool i like only theme skin up Christmas traditional
  • I do wish there were more Holiday themes from which to choose. This looks okay, but I'd bet it hogs resources.

    But even if it doesn't it's way more than I want. . you get 14 buttons in the "Christmas Toolbar" that keep coming back on ...AccuRadio ? Recipes at Epicurious? Deals at Walmart ?? .... shut it off, there it is again in 2-3 clicks ... ridiculous ... !

    Why would Firefox tolerate this ??
  • This is an advertisement disguised as an add-on. It doesn't belong here.
  • I'm always reluctant to criticize anyone's work, because I surely cannot begin to do any better. But this is an exception. This is something that goes against everything that Firefox tries to achieve. I threw this kind of Cr@p away when I scrapped the windows browser. This is like some sort of phishing or malware or I don't know what. Although I do know that Mozilla needs to purge all that crap and anything that has that type of template. My two cents..........
  • mozilla needs to ban this clown, or remove his crap ware. thought they were better than this.
  • J'aime bien accordé mon navigateur avec les saisons ou les fêtes.

    Je trouve ce plugins merveilleux !
  • I actually have never had a problem with this theme until my firefox browser was updated with the latest version. Now I am not able to use it because of compatibility issues. I did love it so. If the creator would keep updating it and would keep it compatible that would be wonderful.
  • Just one word: Adware!

    Keep away from it.
  • I love it!
  • I love it!
  • I uninstalled this because I didn't like my search tool being changed, nor did I like the toolbar which is just advertising and not at all helpful. Not the sort of thing one is used to with Firefox themes; the ulterior purpose spoils everything.
  • When I install it the Facebook toolbar and the dictionaries stop working saying that they are not compatible with Firefox 3.0.4 When I uninstall the application everything goes working again.
  • DO NOT INSTALL unless you're willing to deal with an unwanted tool bar.
  • Nice outlook, but not good uninstallation. Does not go away for three button navigation
  • SCAM. This theme will install a shopping toolbar on your browser that will not come off when you uninstall it. Yet another piece of junk ad-ware. Don't fall for it.
  • Though the theme looks very nice when installed, and it warns you that the default search engine will be Yahoo!, after uninstalling the theme, it remains Yahoo! and the toolbar that comes with it needs to be uninstalled separately.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the comments... as the description details, Winter Holiday is a theme AND extension. We offer two ways to uninstall (also in the description).
  • The simple yet clearly defined graphics make the chrome a unified area with good rhythm and continuance, and the snowball buttons are a thematically clever device as well. The day/night changeovers are a nice touch too. It's cheery and colorful and has a kind of innocent minimalistic charm. You can easily hide the toolbar if you want. Fun stuff!
  • This installs an uninvited toolbar and requires an extra step to remove. This is a tracking theme. Do not download it.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the comments... as the description details, Winter Holiday is a theme AND extension. We offer two ways to uninstall (also in the description).
  • This is BAD. Installs extra toolbar that requires an extra step to remove. DO NOT INSTALL
  • Cook theme, I haven't notice change colors as someone else mentioned. The only thing I would add is the skinning the Bookmark toolbar. It is solid gray and if you can't skin it at least make it white so it blends with the skin.

    Also, maybe some cool free Christmas sites would be better than your shopping ones :)

    Good job!
  • I seriously doubt the few glowing reviews of this theme came from any other source than the company that supplied it. Their sole purpose is to get that shopping toolbar installed on as many browsers as possible and I do not doubt for a second that they have their own people writing "reviews" on their behalf.

    Just about anyone else will be disgusted by this ad-ware. Don't fall for this scam.
  • Great theme. Getting the night view, so assuming I'll get the daylight look in the a.m.

    Based on prior review, tried an email to the support link, and it didn't bounce. Company also has presence on GetSatisfaction.com.
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