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Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks (Version 40+)

Reinstates the extensions.checkCompatibility preference.

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GProxy Plus Потрібен перезапуск

GProxy Plus lets you set and clear Freegate local proxy in Firefox and Thunderbird, and do more.

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Image Zoom (ugly fixes) Потрібен перезапуск

An ugly attempt at fixing Image Zoom

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AutoProxy-ng Потрібен перезапуск

This is a fork of AutoProxy, which can run the latest version of Firefox.

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Block ads and manage proxy.

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TryAgain Потрібен перезапуск

TryAgain keeps trying to load a webpage when the server cannot be reached.

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WebDAV for Filelink Потрібен перезапуск

Adds the possibility to use a WebDAV store for Filelink. With this extension you can link attachments to a WebDAV service, for example as provided by Apache's mod_dav or some public services.

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AutoProxy Потрібен перезапуск

Are you concerned about your privacy? Or, are you blocked from some websites by a firewall? And, are you arming yourself with a proxy? In that case, AutoProxy is designed for you! A tool to help you use your proxy automatically & efficiently.

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Check Domain Потрібен перезапуск


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Link Properties Plus Потрібен перезапуск

Provides extended link properties: size of linked file, last modified time, etc.

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TrayHotKey Потрібен перезапуск

为Fx5.0 及以上版本提供系统热键(老板键)功能

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Fight back against advertising surveillance

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AVIM Потрібен перезапуск

Vietnamese-language input method editor (IME). Type diacritics directly into any Web page, Web app, or dialog box. Convenient, comprehensive, secure.
Bộ gõ tiếng Việt cho phép đặt dấu trực tiếp vào bất kỳ trang Web, ứng dụng Web, hộp thoại.

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Address bulk copy (アドレス一括コピー) Потрібен перезапуск

Thunderbird は Outlook のようにアドレス全選択からの「一括コピー」ができません。

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ReplyWithHeader Потрібен перезапуск

Outlook style headers and few goodies for Thunderbird & Postbox.

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ALL To CC BCC Потрібен перезапуск


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Quick Locale Switcher 2 Потрібен перезапуск

Allows you to quickly switch to a different language (User Interface, Spell Checker Dictionary and Website content) in your Mozilla application.

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Flex Confirm Mail Потрібен перезапуск

Confirm mail address and attachments based on flexible rules.

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LookOut (fix version) Потрібен перезапуск

LookOut is a plugin which allows Thunderbird to interface with Microsoft's mail tools by decoding metadata and attachments encapsulated/embedded in a TNEF encoded attachment (aka winmail.dat).
Support: Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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Join-NG Потрібен перезапуск

Join partial messages. Somewhat similar to MS Outlook Express "combine and decode".

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