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Wind Li

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Ім'я Wind Li
Домашня сторінка http://www.teesoft.info/
Користувач з Березень 5, 2007
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Трохи більш докладно...

I'm untiring to make the browser more fun for myself and I will share all what I made with you. I am glad if you find it helpful.

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AutoPager Потрібен перезапуск

AutoPager automatically loads next pages when you reach the end of a page. It works on a ton of sites,Google,Yahoo..
It works well with most other add-ons adblock plus, WOT and most of the greasemonkey scripts.
You can also try AutoPagerLite.

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14 311 користувачів

Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export Потрібен перезапуск

Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export - це розширення thunderbird/mozilla для Імпорту/Експорту фільтрів повідомлень.

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RememberPass is a Firefox/Firefox Mobile Addon to force browser to remember password even website disable it by default. It's done by set autocomplete to "on" where it's off.
Here is: Test Page

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AutoPager Fixed Потрібен перезапуск

AutoPager Fixed is a working version of AutoPager extension for Firefox 36+ (non-E10s mode) to autoload the next page(s) when you scroll pages.


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FrameExt Потрібен перезапуск

FrameExt is a Firefox Addon to extend frame functions:
1. Change the frame url.
2. Adjust iframe Size to Fit its Contents
3. Remove iframe from page
4. Merge iframe content to the parent page
More to come in future versions.

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620 користувачів

Мої відгуки


Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Very useful.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (0.8.4). 


Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

The window looks very strange and I don't know how the deals are collected.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (1.35). 


Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Simple and works great. But it's slow for big files as the developer said.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (0.1). 

Facebook Beacon Blocker

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I am not a facebook fans. But I had been sold to facebook by others. :)
I don't want facebook know more about me.

Inline Code Finder

Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Simple and Great.
One suggest, add a link to the numbers or the names in your overview window.
Onces clicked highlight only that type of elements.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (0.88). 


Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

Simple and good.
But it should better if the last email date is showed for pop3 emails.
pop3 protocol doesn't provide the function to tell whether an email is read but if the addon show the last email timestamp, the users will know it.
And looking for Firefox 3 support.

TimeStamp Converter

Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

Version 1.4.1 marked as Firefox 3.0.* compatible but still get incompatible message when try to install it in Firefox 3.0.4.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (1.4.1). 


Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Glad to see it's modified to support Firefox 3.0. Thanks for the effort.
The Page Load Timer feature has a bug.
It will be reset after you switch the tab then switch back.


Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

I meet an issues with Firebug. I turned script debugger on but after use it I forgot to turn it off.
The result is my Firefox was very slow in the following days. I can't event use gmail until turn debugger of in firebug.
It's my bad.
But it should be great if firebug can show a warn or notification message when I start Firefox with debugger turned on.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (1.2.1). 

SwitchProxy Tool

Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

This is really helpful.
But it should be better if it provide a "use this proxy server for all protocols" as the FF preference does.
And it will be glad if it can support Firefox 3.1 without manually modify install.rdf needed.

Mouse Gestures Redox

Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Glad this has support for Firefox 3 now.
But it will be better if it can updated timely to support the lastest FF nightly version.