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Dave G

Про мене

Інформація для розробника
Ім'я Dave G
Місцезнаходження Philadelphia, PA, USA
Домашня сторінка https://flagfox.wordpress.com/
Користувач з October 1, 2007
Кількість розроблених додатків 2 додатка
Середня оцінка додатків розробника Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Трохи більш докладно...

Developer of the Flagfox and Config Descriptions addons. (also the now retired Crash Report Helper addon)

Bug tester and triager on Mozilla's Bugzilla and BabelZilla global mod, as time allows.

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Показує прапор країни, визначаючи розміщення сервера поточного веб-сайта, а також надає такі засоби, як-от: перевірка безпеки сайта, хтоце (whois), переклад, схожі сайти, валідації, скорочення URL, тощо...

Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок (671)
332 145 користувачів

Config Descriptions

Shows source comments for advanced application preferences in about:config

Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок (24)
1 308 користувачів

Мої відгуки

Noise Control

Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Simple, effective, and does exactly what it needs to do. I'm very glad we finally have a good Firefox extension to do this now. Thanks!

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (11.1-signed). 

Disable Ctrl-Q Shortcut

Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Does exactly what it says and nothing else. Efficiently written minimalist addon for an option that really should be built in.

Blue Mozilla Firefox

Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

Best straightforward Firefox logo based skin I've seen thus far. Very well done. A particularly good fit for Australis, however it is using an old version of the logo.


Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Very useful and good UI. Firefox needs to have something like this built-in.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (8.1-signed.1-signed). 

Dark Fox

Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

Very good skin with stylized Firefox logo. Good fit for Australis now that all the menus and buttons need to be on the right, where the logo is shown. Things line up nicely.

Quick Search Bar

Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Awesome! One of my favorite addons. Makes the search field actually usable. Much better UX than the default field. (click a search engine icon to select field for that engine; clears text and resets to icons after usage) Much preferred over Searchbar Autosizer.

New version 5.0a1 even supports Australis now. (though, please put in changelog text for your versions)

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (4.17.1-signed).  Цей користувач має попередній відгук про цей додаток.


Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

I've been using this for a while now and find it to be a pretty good lightweight replacement for Autopager. Sure, it doesn't work with everything, but I think it breaks less often.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку ( 

Quick Search Bar

broken in Firefox 20 Оцінка 1 з 5 зірок

This addon doesn't always work in Firefox 20 (currently in Aurora). I emailed the listed address last month but have not gotten a response, so posting here in the hopes that this extension is not abandoned. The Error Console has exceptions which indicate that it may be due to an async API change (see Mozilla bug 760036).

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку ( 

HTTP/2 and SPDY indicator

Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Simple, well designed, and useful. Also nice that it also shows a greyed out icon for pages not through SPDY but containing resources that are. Thanks for writing this.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (1.1.1-signed.1-signed). 

Browse By Name

Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Thank you Ehsan for creating a quick extension to bring back this nice feature, and thanks for streamlining out the JetPack SDK bloat and making this thing under 1KB upon request in only a matter of minutes. This is now quite possibly the most simple extension code in existence. Wonderful! :)

Is It Compatible?

simple and works Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Simple extension and does exactly what is says on the tin. Just what I was looking for and doesn't do too much I don't need.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (0.2.20100210). 


very nice Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Looks wonderful and works under Linux nicely. A very nice theme. Only obvious thing missing is EV support which would be good, but isn't a deal-breaker. I also wish the small icons mode were a little slimmer, but this is still a 5 star worthy theme even with these minor issues. Well done.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (0.5.1). 

Tooltip Plus

nice Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

Error I previously noted was fixed, thanks. Support methods were also added at some point. I still have some issues with icons here on Linux, though.

Simple and useful idea. I've been looking for something to do this for a while now, so thanks for creating an updated version of this concept.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (0.1.2). 

Personas Plus

meh... Оцінка 3 з 5 зірок

This is a nifty extension to let people skin their browser without resorting to full themes, but in my case I don't see the point. Personally, I'd rather just install a few extensions to minimize the clutter and have an interface small enough that it doesn't get in the way and I don't need to make it look not-ugly. Use small toolbar icons plus an extension like Personal Menu or Tiny Menu and call it a day. Ditch the menu bar and the bookmarks bar and slim everything down and there's nowhere for me to put a pretty picture. ;)

For those of you who actually want the pretty picture, well, it works. It's just my opinion that this feels like a bit of a novelty item rather than something many people would actually use. There are some rather nice images available, though. I'm sure some people will like it but it's not for everyone.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (1.0). 

Search Cloudlet for Google, Yahoo and Twitter

awesome Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

One of those few extensions you install and just say, "wow". Might not always be necessary but when it is it's a simple and useful idea. I concur with some of the other reviewers that it would be nice to have the cloud in the empty space on the right side instead of on top.

Also, the donate/review/share link that shows above the cloud is creative, but users aren't going to want to see that forever.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку ( 

Resizeable Textarea

used frequently Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Easily one of the extensions I use most frequently. Simple idea that is vastly useful, and frankly should be built into Firefox itself.

Copy Link Name

Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Hyper-simple and very useful. Works as advertised.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (1.2.7). 


wonderful Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

A very simple and well done RSS reader. No bloat; exactly what I need.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (1.2). 

Pilgrim's theme

nice and simple Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

This is a very nice simple and clean theme. Looks quite nice with small icons, though doesn't show quite right for me with large. A good theme for those who just want a good looking minimalist toolbar.

China Channel

wonderful idea Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

This is simple and wonderful idea. Reports of oppression and censorship in China are heard but not really understood by most people. This extension lets people actually experience it, which is a brilliant idea to promote awareness of government censorship. Unlike most add-ons, this is not something to recommend for people to use in their daily lives but rather something to recommend for people to think about the daily lives of others. The Great Firewall of China is a system designed to keep their citizens from questioning things, and hopefully this extension will get a few more people in the rest of the world to question the Chinese government.