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Some minor improvement requests
* Allow clicking on the protocol to alway treat as a text box instead of a link.
* Change the 'Breadcrumb for' controls to be a radio button
* Allow control of what Ctrl/Shift/Meta/None click does (Select as text, Open in current, Open in New background tab , Open in new Foreground tab, Open in new window)
* Allow clicking on domain in 'sub.domain.tld/....' to link to 'domain.tld'. Right now it always links to 'sub.domain.tld'.

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Why does this addon put a red box around the xul:deck?

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IN FFb7+ it borks the reload&stop button. Badly needs updating

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I can confirm the latest (1.14) has issues with download statusbar. Essentially, this extension needs to NOT capture DLSB.

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Just Give Me A Back Button

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I don't have this extension installed but have the same css rule in userChrome. It works OK but:
On linux add:
/*Hide DropDown*/
#back-forward-dropmarker{ display:none !important }

On Mac add: (IIRC)
/*Drawn Complete Border -- this may be wrong I don't have my macbook with me ATM*/
#back-button{ border-right: solid black 1px !important }


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You, good Sir, win not 1, but 3 Internets.
This extension is 100% necessary for the addon bar and I question the dev's resoning for implementing it w/o this extension. (Ditto for my extension RSS Icon)

Here they are:

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (1.12). 

Link Target Display

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Pretty much perfect functionality. I do wish for a pref to default it to the right side and only switch to left on mouseover. I know that's not chromes default, but I'd like it better.

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