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"Manage Search Engines" button

Easily reach the "Manage Search Engines" dialog using a toolbar icon!

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(OSI) Open Search Index

OSI is a distributed P2P project, aiming at creating a censorship free, anonymous and open internet, while earning users OSICoin for submitting results.

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+i is a powerful feature-rich search tool.

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+Pulse Потрібен перезапуск

Get the pulse of Google Plus and follow hot trends in real time.

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1 Click Bookmark Потрібен перезапуск

The bookmarks feature provides the ability to store links on various sites like Delicious, Blogmarks, Stumbleupon, Digg, Facebook, Newsvine, Reddit, Magnolia and others with a simple mouse click.

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1&1 Suche für Mozilla Firefox

Setzt die 1&1 Suche als Standardsuchmaschine im Browser.

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1-Click Ebay Feedback Сумісно починаючи з Firefox 57

Click "1-Click Ebay Feedback" on any Ebay Auction or Ebay User page to view all of the seller's negative and neutral feedback.

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1-Click Emoji Search Сумісно починаючи з Firefox 57

Search for the perfect emoji with easy instant-search.

14,000 emojis available for that perfect description, emotion, person, or thing.

Addon uses 3rd party site (www.1clickemoji.com) for operation

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123 Travel Search Потрібен перезапуск

Creates 3 small travel search icons on the bottom of your browser. When clicking on them, they will create a little search box which allows you to enter your travel details once and then select the providers you want to see...

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1N Jira Seach

Using this add-on you can search jiras from toolbar or by clipboard text pressing Ctrl+Shift+X

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2-Column Google Results Сумісно починаючи з Firefox 57

Adjust the Google results page for wide screens by showing the results in two columns.

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2147M Search Engine Потрібен перезапуск

Search Engine For 2147m.com/

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2IP сервисы Потрібен перезапуск

Тесты и сервисы сайта 2IP.ru в вашем браузере в виде тулбара и контекстного меню. Проверка различных показателей сайта в один клик.

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30% от AliExpress (кэшбэк) Сумісно починаючи з Firefox 57

Возвращай 30% с покупок в Алиэкспресс.
В 1 клик.

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3D Models Search Engine - Yobi3D Сумісно починаючи з Firefox 57

Show 3D models search results from Yobi3D.com in Google search results page. Type any keywords with the term '3D' or 'Model' on Google to also search from Yobi3D.com

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3d printing price comparison service

3d printing price comparison service addon with 50+ Service Providers.

Compare 3D printing services and choose from over 50 Companys. Order your 3D printed model online in just a few simple steps. Start by uploading your STL file!

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3D! Потрібен перезапуск

Selected information & links to various 3D/CG apps, content and freebies.

Button appears in FF status bar, which is enabled by installing Adblock Plus.

No promises made as to end-user's resultant understanding of 3D/CG apps.

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It is used to get shortcut to 3 mail websites(Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft).

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404-Error ? Потрібен перезапуск

Ever been annoyed by the '404 Error' or a more understandable one 'File Not Found'? Ever bookmarked your favorite page but few months later when you finally had time to read it in detail, you couldn't find it?

If a page was (re)moved and now shows ...

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