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"Manage Search Engines" button

Easily reach the "Manage Search Engines" dialog using a toolbar icon!

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#1 Youtube Video and Mp3 Downloader Requires Restart

Scans the YouTube page for all formats, including download to .mp3 on selected videos. Designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive, it runs entirely on the page without contacting any external sites.

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#be browser detector

Introducing #be, the digital me.

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#GooberGabber - GamerGate Word Scrambler Requires Restart

Replaces "GamerGate" with other G words. Also replaces "GamerGater" with "Alligator".

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#HashMeNot Requires Restart

Removes hash sign in Twitter hashtags.

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Soyez au courant quand Monark commence à streamer!

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#wrap Requires Restart

Allows Tumblr tags to wrap around without having to use the awful drag-scrolling interface.

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Това разширение показва предупредителен екран, когато отваряте сайт от медийната група на Делян Пеевски.

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$heriff_v2 Requires Restart

$heriff - The price discrimination (PD) add-on.
This is an experimental add-on for research purposes only. It measures the extent of PD and what factors can trigger it.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Need a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) quickly? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) is the add-on for you!

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ESCape From Them GIFs… (Use 'Esc' to Toggle Gif Animation On/Off) Pause all animated gif's with the ESC key... A second press toggles them back on. (image.animation_mode)

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(OSI) Open Search Index

OSI is a distributed P2P project, aiming at creating a censorship free, anonymous and open internet, while earning users OSICoin for submitting results.

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The internet in black and white.

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+Pulse Requires Restart

Get the pulse of Google Plus and follow hot trends in real time.

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Add some widgets to Google+ page~ by 五月栞 (tengattack)

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+You Google Bar Requires Restart

Personalize the order of the Google Bar, sorting its elements by dragging and dropping.

+You Google Bar adds a configuration menu to the Google pages allowing you to add, sort or remove the links from the Black Google bar easily.

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.com IDN enabled

install for .com international domain names enabled

Warning : If you install this addon, you will have risk of idn spoofing attack.

More Information :

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.Push Requires Restart

Pushes the current website to an iOS device of your choice.

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/r/CFB Easy Flair Requires Restart

Easily insert flair into /r/CFB posts with a shorthand system.

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/r/Diablo Browser Extension Requires Restart

Adds tooltips, linkifies battletags, and makes other small improvements to /r/Diablo.

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