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  • It looks like real wood, I loved it and miss having it on Firefox, Shame on Firefox for doing away with it!
  • The Walnut Add On Creation is...
    the most beautiful add on I have ever seen. It is deserving of a full page classification, period. I would easily pay real money to have it on my website. Can I use it for $100.00 annually? This extension is the most revolutionary of all designs existing to date on the internet. You would not have any trouble charging internet users a monetary price for it.
    it is easy to use...
    it loads fast...
    it has perfect color coordination with almost any text color...
    it has perfect color contrast with almost any color scheme, or combination color scheme...
    it coordinates quite excepting with all graphics...
    most internet users would fine it pleasing to look at for long periods without undue eye strain...
    most of the popular internet web site backgrounds contain some sort of the Walnut type design and color rendition...
    By: Ed L. McQuarters
  • Podoba mi się wizualnie. Wzrok się nie męczy.
  • Ich benutze diese Erweiterung schon seit Jahren und möchte Sie nicht missen!!! Es wäre schön, wenn es diese Erweiterung auch für Firefox 57 geben würde!! Seht mal zu, das es bald möglich ist.
  • just like it...
  • This is the most eye-friendly theme I've met; like a wooden console in a car.
    Everyone who saw it was astonished how good-looking such a simple idea could be.
    I'm awfully sorry to hear that it's over.
  • Why don't you have a donate button?
  • Please, my friends, make a Quantum version.
  • Dobrý den, proč tento program není aktivní pro nový Firefox? Mne se samotnému strašně moc líbil a nadále bych ho znova používal. Moc Vás prosím o znovu zvolení tohoto programu. Děkuji mockrát a těším se strašně moc. Váš Ráďa alias Maverick.
  • Been using this extension for years and am SO dissapointed that Firefox discontinued it :( PLEASE QUANTUMISE IT! the skin I'm using doesn't have the same feel or functionality
  • Please please please make a Quantum Version.
  • Walnut theme used from starting I began use Firefox
    Need Quantum-version...
  • Bonjour
    j'utilise depuis plusieurs années cette extension qui me plaid énormement je l'ai installer sur Thunderbird aussi.
  • There is a bug - all extensions (e.g. Simple Lorem ipsum, ForecastFox...) has damaged window (right parts are not visible...) . Pls. repair it... thanks a lot.
  • I am visually impaired and find these colors, contrast, and overall pleasant and helpful to see the screen.
  • I use Walnut theme from very begining of using Firefox browser. But today Firefox was updated to 54.0.1. And Walnut is not compatible with this version of Firefox. The urgent request to the author - update Walnut for compatability with Firefox 54.0.1!!!!
    New version has been uploaded and approved in AMO just now, so you can get the latest and greatest version by clicking on Check for Updates in Addons Manager in Firefox.
  • For the past 12 years I've been using this same theme, but unfortunately it is not compatible with Firefox 54.0.1. Please, an update would be very much appreciated; for me there is no Firefox without this theme.
    New version has been uploaded and approved in AMO just now, so you can get the latest and greatest version by clicking on Check for Updates in Addons Manager in Firefox.
  • If you have enabled the Menu Bar, you cannot grab the window at the top anywhere in line with the menu bar frame. You have to go below it to move the window. Considering every other program or browser, you grab the top of the window, not 1/3 of an inch down, this is unorthodox and a PITA. Please correct the issue with Walnut as I'd like to keep using it.

    Edit: I just noticed, if you have multiple tabs open and not just one, you really can't grab the window ANY place because the tabs are in the way. You can only move it if you have one or two tabs open and click in the empty area to the right of those tabs. Multiple tabs put you to clicking in line with the menu frame, and that is a no go period. So I can't use this for now until you correct this problem.
  • It is so much natural like true wood. A complete theme.
    Thanks to the Developer.
  • Great, but just found that with 49.0.2, walnut will not allow the firefox window to move with the mouse.
  • some icons in the statusbar (when using Status-4-Evar) are not visible when using this theme (and all your other themes). Bluehell Firewall, Multi-Links Plus and Clean Links just to name a few
  • I've used Walnut for 5 years. I recently caught my first virus (zeus) since 1992. While adding Eset anti-virus, I had to rebuild many apps. I decided to try my Denver broncos and a host of other themes . . . . but had to come back. Walnut is not overbearing and I can easily see all of my tabs and desktop icons. I give Walnut for Firefox 10 out of 10 from a guy making 70 years this October.

    I recently closed my web design business to focus on our new venture ColoradoMuseums.CO. Thanks for a great tool Alfred! It makes my 10-12 hours of daily work a breeze.
  • I've used this theme for many years and even donated a few years back. Today I installed Linux Operating System and wanted my familiar Walnut Theme for Firefox. After repeatedly searching through the themes this one never came up. Finally had to go outside FF site and do a Google search to find it again. Don't know why it is so hard to find but thought you might like to know. Thanks for the great work.
  • After fooing around (reinstalling, interchanging FF profiles, reinstalling Walnut, sacrificing a virgin, etc...) it's back working again ! Thank you.
    So please ignore (delete if you can) my preview "review" today, immediately before this one.
  • I loved the Walnut. Used it for a few years.
    Then today everything went south.
    I assume the new version caused it.
    It makes my bookmarks toolbar unusable.
    After a complete reinstall of Firefox 45.0.1 as well.