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Історія версій Tab Badge

27 версій

Будьте обачні зі старими версіями!

Ці версії показано для інформації та з метою тестування. Вам краще завжди використовувати останню версію додатку.

Версія 2.1 47.8 KiB Працює з Firefox 42.0 - 56.*

Версія 2 43.4 KiB Працює з Firefox 42.0 - 49.*

This long-awaited major update to Tab Badge features three new ways to alert you:
* Display a popup message in the corner of your screen, which will bring the appropriate tab and window to the front when clicked on.
* Highlight the Firefox icon, which does different things depending on the operating system. On Windows, the Firefox icon on the task bar flashes orange. On OS X, the dock icon bounces.
* Play a sound.

These alerts are configurable from a totally new options page. To see the new page, visit about:tabbadge, or click on the options button in the Add-On Manager.


Версія 1.24 19.6 KiB Працює з Firefox 38.0 - 44.0a1

This version fixes an unwanted menu item on certain pages.


Версія 1.23 19.6 KiB Працює з Firefox 38.0 - 42.0a1

This version has a new Dutch translation, thanks to Vistaus.

Also in this version is a new option to delay the disappearance of the badge. This is designed to avoid the Facebook message alert being even more annoying than it is. You can set the delay with the pref extensions.tabbadge.removedelay - the value is a delay in milliseconds. 1600 should be a good value for Facebook.

In other news, this is possibly the last release on the version 1 branch. I've been working hard on new features for Tab Badge 2, and hope to release them soon. If you're interested you can see what I'm up to on the GitHub page, but I make absolutely no promises about any of it.


Версія 1.22 16.4 KiB Працює з Firefox 38.0 - 41.0a1

This version includes some updates for newer features in Firefox, and removes some backwards compatibility with older versions of Firefox.


Версія 1.21.1-signed 16.5 KiB Працює з Firefox 37.0 - 40.0a1

This version has further refinement of the badge placement.


Версія 1.20.1-signed 16.5 KiB Працює з Firefox 34.0 - 41.0

This update fixes the position of the badge, which got broken with recent Firefox updates.


Версія 1.19.1-signed 16.6 KiB Працює з Firefox 34.0 - 37.*

This version fixes a bug for Tab Mix Plus users (and possibly others). Thanks to Archaeopteryx for the fix.


Версія 1.18.1-signed 16.5 KiB Працює з Firefox 34.0 - 37.0a1

This version fixes a bug reported by a user.

Версія 1.17.1-signed 16.6 KiB Працює з Firefox 33.0 - 36.0a1

This update fixes Tab Badge for users of Firefox Nightly (with electrolysis). It also allows the user to set a custom title-matching pattern. (This feature is experimental, undocumented, and for advanced users only.)


Версія 1.16.1-signed 16.3 KiB Працює з Firefox 33.0 - 36.0a1

This version contains an update for the Chinese (Traditional) translation.


Версія 1.15.1-signed 16.0 KiB Працює з Firefox 24.0 - 33.*

This update has new translations for German and Chinese (both traditional and simplified), and it fixes some bugs when used with the new Firefox theme.


Версія 1.14.1-signed 11.2 KiB Працює з Firefox 23.0 - 28.*

Extracted all strings ready for localization
Removed broken site-specific code for GMail and Google+ - use the GMail Helper


Версія 1.13.1-signed 10.5 KiB Працює з Firefox 17.0 - 23.*

Версія 1.12.1-signed 9.9 KiB Працює з Firefox 17.0 - 20.*

Версія 1.11.1-signed 9.9 KiB Працює з Firefox 17.0 - 20.0a1

Версія 1.10.1-signed 10.0 KiB Працює з Firefox 14.0 - 19.0a1

This version should fix a broken badge on GMail.

Версія 1.8.1-signed 14.0 KiB Працює з Firefox 9.0 - 16.*

This version allows black/whitelisting of file:// URIs, syncs prefs across your browsers, and some other stuff I've forgotten about.

Версія 1.7.1-signed 10.0 KiB Працює з Firefox 4.0 - 12.0a1

Tab Badge now features a whitelist mode, for badges on only the websites you want. Also, it has experimental support for Google+ (you should still pester Google to put the notification count in the page title).

Версія 1.6.1-signed 9.0 KiB Працює з Firefox 4.0 - 8.0a1

This version includes a number of small bug fixes, and for Firefox nightly users, adjustable settings in the Addon Manager - thanks to me :)

Версія 1.5.1-signed 8.0 KiB Працює з Firefox 4.0b7 - 7.0a1

This release has a number of minor bugs fixed and enhancements:
* The badge now has completely rounded ends and if the number is small enough, is circular.
* The badge's positioning inside the tab looks better.
* A bug preventing the badge showing when a page is first loaded has been fixed.
* In GMail, the badge won't show the number of contacts on your contacts page.

Версія 1.4.1-signed 7.0 KiB Працює з Firefox 4.0b7 - 6.0a1

This version can also account for the word "unread" in the page title, which should fix things for Yahoo mail users (English users only, obviously). It also fixes things for Firefox nightly users.

Версія 1.3.1-signed 7.0 KiB Працює з Firefox 4.0b7 - 5.*

Now updates with your GMail inbox count!

Версія 1.2.1-signed 6.0 KiB Працює з Firefox 4.0b7 - 4.0.*

This version allows you to remove badges from the blacklist.

Версія 1.1.1-signed 2.0 KiB Працює з Firefox 4.0b7 - 4.0.*

Small update to make Tab Badge compatible with Tab Mix Plus. Basic functionality tested against TMP

Версія 1.1-signed 2.0 KiB Працює з Firefox 4.0b7 - 4.0.*

  • Now you can blacklist the badge on websites by right-clicking and choosing 'Blacklist This Badge'.
  • Added support for numbers with a plus, e.g. 300+

Версія 0.9.1-signed 2.0 KiB Працює з Firefox 4.0b7 - 4.0.*