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  • 非常好用,希望作者可以一直维护和完善这个软件。
  • 不装不是中国人
  • 有没有一个通用的"不代理的地址列表",适合各种情景模式?
  • 感謝作者推出好用的代理軟件!
  • 目前用过最好用的代理扩展
  • عالیه
  • درجه یک :*
  • chrome版本不可思议的好用,希望firefox版本也越来越好用。
  • SOCKS v4 local DNS support suddenly got broken and not receiving a fix.
    edit: fixed, addon works perfectly fine again
    Fixed in v2.5.18.

    (Also, sorry for the delay. I had been busy with some personal matters in the past few weeks. Thanks again for letting me know about the issue.)
  • great addon but there is a problem at least for me, when i set a specific site to use a proxy(in drop down menu) later i cant set it to use default proxy again.i just can change it to use other proxies.

    ****** there must be a list of those urls with specific proxy setting, other than auto switch profile.