Nice but 90s style Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

This is the best caldav tool for Firefox. Just one is available:) It's pretty functional, but stuck in 90's with design, just like the browser itself. Unlike Chromium(R), you can't have sticky popup dialog to quickly grab data from a note, which people want to do often (a note must be quick to access, it's a note! not a Word document). In fact a new window is open, spawning a new bar in Windows taskbar, so as you switch between apps to paste data, you will have hard time to return to Firefox. And yet another windows opens to actually read anote. Then after utilizing the data copied, one needs to find those 2 windows and close them manually. 90s!
Still a great plugin, ez to plug a source from EAS mail provider. The hint system is impressive. Sorry for lot of irony, but transition from Chromium to Firefox is extremelly painful, I wish it all gets better otherwise FF loses remaining 10% market share if ppl not willing to change their mindset to 10's. And that's a sad fact:/

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Please give me a android app

Google Calendar won't work and sync on FF 51.0.1 Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Similarly, with FF 51.0.1 can't sync with Google Calendar. Error 400, bad request. Switch back to FF 50.1.0 resolve the problem. Fix it problem please!

Google Calendar won't work on FF 51.0.1 Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Until 50.1.0 everything was ok. On 51.0.1 can't sync with Google Calendar. Error 400, bad request. Switch back to FF 50.1.0 resolve the problem.

options window does not close Оцінка 2 з 5 зірок

Cannot install completely. Impossible to close the options Window. After changing something , pressing Apply and then OK does not close the window, only way to get out is pressing "X" (close) and the changes are lost.

Quick Alarm quirks Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

Great Addon! Lately I'm using more often Quick Alarm and I noticed 2 quirks:
1. After 12pm it asks to select a future date (although its date is current) - if you say OK it still enters the current date but inserts a nr. of about 600-700 minutes - annoying!
(if you click the calendar - and see it's current date and OK it - it does not do the above problem)
2. Quite a few times (not from begining) it changes the amount (minutes) you entered with a default(?) 720. That will change 1 minute to a day!! I could not find yet what is triggered by (it may be resulted from above problem).
Would you please fix these 2 ASAP??

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Love it - Perfect for my work reminders - Fast and Easy to use Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

I work for a trucking company and we have a LOT of things that expire such as annual or quarterly permits for our equipment, as well as CDL's & Med Cards for the drivers. Sometimes I get sidetracked and forget to make a phone call etc and a simple posty note reminder does not work for me. I have so many posty notes all over my office they all started to blend in. Even the ones on my calendar get overlooked. I also have a paper copy of all of my expirations, but a paper can't hop out of the folder and remind you that you have something that is about to expire. I used to try and add all of these reminders to my Office 365/Outlook calendar, but that is such a tedious task and left me frustrated and annoyed. Reminder Fox is so much more simple and user friendly. I really like how the pop up is enough to get your attention, but it does not annoy you. It is SO easy to snooze a reminder if you don't have time to deal with it when you first see the pop up. One thing I do wish there was an option for would be to set a reminder to repeat every 90 days, or just a custom box that said "repeat reminder every "X" days" where you could fill in your own amount of days. I have a lot of quarterly permits that expire every 90 days and if I could set a reminder to repeat every 90 days that would rock my socks! Thank you to the developer for taking the time to make this, it is a real sanity saver for me!!

French Translation Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Just to porpose a new french translation :
ReminderFox affiche et gère des listes de mémos/Choses à faire.
Il s'assure que vous vous rappeliez de toutes vos dates importantes grâce à des listes simples et des alertes, intégrées au navigateur. Pas besoin d'agenda !

Notification sound can't be disabled Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

I like this addon and have used it for years. But with FF49, it started playing a Windows notification-type sound everytime FF opens. I think the popup slider is what triggers the notification sound. So I disabled the setting to play a sound with Reminderfox notifications. It works for a while, but hours or days later, the sound setting is re-checked by itself and the sound reappears every time Firefox is opened. Very annoying, as I prefer a quieter PC. Please fix.

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alerts are gone after FF crash Оцінка 2 з 5 зірок

My FF crashes after insufficient disk space on my SSD. After that all my events in reminderfox are missing. Where can I get those alerts back?

Bad, especially with Google calendar Оцінка 1 з 5 зірок

While start new events:
1) uncomfortable data set - always start from first day of month instead of the current date;
2) this also applies to the setting of the time;
2) not understand the day of the week - shows only the days of the month.

Google calendar: changed in ReminderFox events still begin at the previously set time.

Not full Russian translation.

Uncomfortable, ugly.

Nice. Works well on FF 45 with Mavericks Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

Nice. And particularly like the little stopwatch reminder clock.


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New problems for me with latest update Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

While the latest update solved the problem of not being able to rearrange tabs, in seems to have some new bugs and disimprovements:

1. One must now click on the little X in the upper right corner of the slider to close it. Before, clicking anywhere on the slider would close it.

2. Why the delay and slow fade-out after clicking the X for the slider to disappear? This is annoying if the slider is obscuring something on the page that one is looking at.

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Back to normal! Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Looks like the latest update cleared things up. Thank you once again!

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drag problem solved! great! I am back now.

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Ver works Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

On Apr 5, 2016, ReminderFox v 2.1.55 was just released. I'm happy to report that it fixes the drag and drop problems with bookmarks and Firefox 45.0.1 now shuts down properly.

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Conflict- Stops FireDrag extention. Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Works on v.44.0.2 but on updating to v.45.0.1 stops working. Conflict checked and confirmed on a fresh profile with only these two extensions. Reverting to previous versions has also not helped me as is case with pczet (earlier review)

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Fault has been introduced... Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок builds after Last properly working version for FF 45.x and later is Reverting to this version allows drag and drop.
Awaiting for fix and new features :)

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Great extenstion but... Оцінка 3 з 5 зірок

frustrating as all get out! I've had the same issues mentioned, loss of moving tabs and problematic hang ups at at browser exit. I researched for weeks trying to find out the issue but got nothing specific. I wound up doing an unnecessary profile re-fresh. A lot of wasted time.
This is the last extension I though would cause a problem.
I've really come to depend on this extension over the years. Why couldn't Mozilla just disable the slider component automatically? I've seen them make adjustments to other extensions until the issues could be resolved. Totally wasted my time. Love the extension but there's gotta' be a way to address problems so people don't wind up changing the engine when all they need is an alternator. Well, the slider disable worked... and it woulda' worked weeks ago:(

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Great program, but. . . Оцінка 1 з 5 зірок

Been using RF for years, but now having many of same problems as others. Since FF 45, can't move tabs, can't use QuickDrag, pop-up slider listing things way past my customized 7-day alert parameter, etc. Had to disable, and hope fix for this previously fine addon comes soon.

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