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Diego Casorran

4,99 USD запропоновано


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I love creating extensions, but it takes countless hours creating and maintaining them. Please consider making a small donation (any amount is fine) so that the Add-On can be keep clean, ad-free, and updated.

All we know the availability of popular AdBlockers lying around... but frankly, these are too bloated with several features and options which most of us don't use beyond the defaults. So, this extension was made for those of us who don't care about all that stuff but does about just getting rid of all the nasty resources being loaded by websites.

This is a lightweight extension (ie, 30KB compared to ~700KB of other popular adblockers), which was made with performance in mind. No configurable options, subscriptions, additional features, etc It just block what can go to hell ;-)

How this is achieved is thanks to just five hard-coded blocking rules covering about 7000 .com and .net domains, these were auto-generated from Easylist. That means, every time a certain resource wants to be loaded we will have to iterate through a list of five items, rather than for each entry from a common Easylist which contains thousands of different items to check... You can now figure things out for yourself...

Next i'll let you decide if this is for you... as long performance is in your mind, it should.

You can turn the extension on/off at any time by clicking the toolbar button (Fx Desktop), or touching the menu item entry (Fx for Android)

Що новенького для Bluhell Firewall

ATM this is a option-less extension, but we're considering adding options/features which are most demanded by our users.

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Інформація для розробника
Ім'я Diego Casorran
Домашня сторінка http://goo.gl/eyC52
Користувач з December 12, 2010
Кількість розроблених додатків 30 додатків
Середня оцінка додатків розробника Оцінка 4 з 5 зірок

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I love creating extensions, if you like them don't hesitate to follow me and my work at Github: @diegocr :-)