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  • It's good for displaying the temps and current condition. Nothing else wants to work. It kind of hijacks some other addons by integrating itself with them and if you try to customize it's location in the browser it pulls those addons with it. Yeah, it's buggy for sure.
  • Crashes constantly. "Data could not be loaded" is what they should call this addon
  • I've been using forecastfox for years but they just "improved" it by making it less configurable and doing away with showing the simple forecast in the status bar, now it's an icon like all the rest of them. So I searched for another addon that's similar to forecastfox (before the "improvements"). All I could find was this one. I tried it years ago and it didn't work right then, but it's the only one I can find that's still like what I'm used to. Except it still doesn't work right. So I guess we're all stuck with having to click an icon just to see the temperature. Oh well, it's just another "improvement" that reduces our options.
  • I do not think this addon is being supported anymore. Was great! Then, one day, the daily drop-down had no background and the animation was not there. As the print for the forecast is white, unless the webpage you are on has a dark background, you cannot even see it. I emailed the developer about this approximately a year ago and again a couple of weeks ago. Did not receive a response to either.
  • Just found forecastfox add-on which is pretty much the same with this one and it works. Try it.
  • Temperature displays on the bar but nothing else when hovering over it - 403 Error.

    DON'T DOWNLOAD!! Waste !!
  • 5 days report don't working. Error 403 all the time.
  • Hallo. i see this error for several months. The app's showing me broadcast for NY all the time). And i can't tune it! I tried, but all to no purpose. I'm an ordinary user (or maybe a bit better than average), but i can't find cPanel or the .htaccess file, that mentioned in your instructions. Could you please give a simplier fix?
  • FF 49 not working and full of errors.
  • This used to be a great add-on over the years but now fails to work at all on the latest Firefox (Version 48). An alternative that works perfectly though is Forecastfox (fix version) that is even superior to the old Aniweather.
  • Why would they issue an update for a broken extension, that doesn't fix it. Still broke.
  • Use to be great....now will not load....
  • Looked so promising, but it still doesn't load it's data.
  • "the data can not be loaded"
  • The toolbar display is moderately useful, but no hover or extended display. Hard to give this more than a 1 start rating, since 90% of it doesn't work.
  • Mouseover popups no longer readable because background blue box no longer shows. Clicking on an icon no longer displays. This thing has been broken a long enough period that if you aren't going to fix it, you should remove it from the list of available addons. It's an embarassment. My version is FF 42.
  • "The data could not be loaded."
  • It always pops-up a alert message "The data could not be loaded.", every-time I hover the aniweather.
  • Can not read the daily forecasts anymore, and pop up that says Data cant be loaded
  • Don't click a day in the status bar. It will open a million tabs. Also, why does this app utilize Flash still.
  • After forecast fox went defunct I added this app. They have fixed the problem of the app disappearing from the status bar extension that I added. I recently tried forecast fox reincarnated but it disappears from the status bar so I have returned to this one.

    However there is a serious drawback to this app: If you click on an icon, it will open dozens of tabs that say:
    AccessDeniedAccess Denied23DC7AFB76756DB146xThNCjzX0DObTpyJPjZoRAA9zTaazQ5R+rSNOFvWrbCRDGmFgE7WRmDItFi6of

    this only stops when you hit ESC or close the browser. Other users have noticed this error, but the crewe are not into fixing it yet.
  • It is sad but one of the best "add--on"s has not been working for several months. Sept 12 update did not change this. 5 Stars for the working version.
  • My default settings have changed and I can't change them back. I'm removing this until it works.
  • popups works fine
    10/5 days fails but has changed since last week
    and options/prameters don't responding
    i believe there is a work in progress
    just sorry for not having news
  • Doesn't work at all in Firefox 40. Too bad. It was quite useful.