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  • non funziona con amazon.it..error error error..che scandalo!!!
  • 日本語が化けます。ターゲットのページが EUC-JP、Shift-JIS、UTF-8 いずれのときも化けるのを確認しています。日本語が化けるので困っています。日本語にも対応してほしいです。
    また ebay の画像を拾わないことが多いです。善処していただきたい。
  • I was able to track my packages, and the suggested items interested me, although the loading of the plug in itself is not very seamless, appears laggy.
  • Unable to use. Amazon Assistant is blank save for a spinning circle in the window after clicking on the icon. Eventually it may show error:
    Error code: ext102
  • Läuft nicht auf meinem aktuellen 32bit-Firefox (59.0). Ladevorgang bricht mit dem Error code: ext103 ab. Warum?
  • Really useful to save time and find best offers.
  • well
  • Fantastic, it makes it easy to find products which you stumble across when browsing the web. Simple and effective as allways amazon thank you
  • Stuck on loading circle. No help available
    Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bit)
  • Incompatible avec Firefox 58.0.2 (64 bits) !!! Et toujours pas de mise à jour !
  • There is no GRACEFUL Traditional Chinese User Interface, PLEASE MAKE IT DONE.
  • Don't works nothing
  • Only work in English language. If you try to set a different language it is tuck on a running circle and it's impossible to go back to settings. Unuseful.
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  • never has worked for me. This time I click the Amazon Assistant button, and it is just showing the loading circle thing continously. The last time I tried it(about 1 year ago or so) I think it brought me to a login page and I tried to logon but it always said there was some sort of error. Im disabling it, and never trying this again...
  • Smart and intuative - Can sometimes be a bit annoying but this is generally on mondays when I'm easily annoyed :-P
  • I don't speak German while I live in Germany and there is no possibility to keep being connected to amazon.de but with English interface.
    Its 21 century! People are migrating all over the world every few years and IT technologies supposed to help us, but no: we see you are in Germany - we won't suggest you English interface that we also have.
  • Easy to check deals.However suggestion can be more customized.
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