866 відгуків
  • No sirve para nada. Al cambiarlo a España ha dejado de funcionar.
  • Lo instalé pero al cambiar a Amazón España no carga. Arreglarlo
  • it is very user friendly and nice to use
  • En cuanto cambio de Amazon EEUU a Amazon España, deja de funcionar... se queda cargando eternamente.. he probado a quitarlo y ponerlo un par de veces y no hay manera. Firefox actualizado a última versión, la 60 creo que es.
  • Da geht ja nichts, so eine Mist-Software hätte ich von Amazon nicht erwartet. Und tschüss, Herr Amazon Assistant!
  • Funktioniert nicht
  • Worthless. Will Not load
  • Never met a more useless app. It won't set to my country, it loads a US version and the Amazon Assistant website isn't reachable. Go away and redesign this thing and even then I don't think I'll bother trying it again.
  • Was für ein Mistding...
    Da geht ja gar nichts. Nicht einmal die deutsche Übersetzung.
    Google Translate hätte das besser hin bekommen.

    Halbwertzeit auf dem Rechner waren keine 10 Minuten.
    ...und wech isser wieder.
  • Seit einiger Zeit baut das Addon keine Verbindung mehr zu meinem Konto bei Amazon Deutschland auf.
  • na
  • Fix it or get rid of it! It is useless for anyone trying to shop at amazon.co.uk or any other Amazon site except the US-- this extension has had this problem for many months now ( since Firefox 57) and the developer has yet to get off their fat ass to rectify the problem.
  • Make user aware of the products they're wishing to buy by providing variety of options.
  • cannot make FF do anything. I'd like to be able top read classic Greek, but cannot follow instructions. On page said that cannot do it with the new FF??????
  • Ohne belästigt zu werden, erfahre ich wann immer ich möchte das Neueste von Amazon
  • Nunca funciono,,,,lo de los 5€ es un timo
  • When I try to change the country the add on stops working.
  • overall good
  • Same problems I've had for months, now: when I call up the extension, all I see is a white box, with a spinner that just keeps on spinning and spinning and. . . .

    It's difficult to summon the hopeful optimism needed to procure and install the extension, when its failure is well on its way to being a foregone conclusion.

    — DJ "docster" Holtrop
  • Like most other people, I cannot change Assistant from US to UK in Firefox for Mac , it just hangs, I have tried pretty well everything to cure it but to no avail
  • Tried to change country from America to UK - Just freezes.
  • Ne se connecte jamais sur amazon.fr
  • NOn funziona