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  • Same problems I've had for months, now: when I call up the extension, all I see is a white box, with a spinner that just keeps on spinning and spinning and. . . .

    It's difficult to summon the hopeful optimism needed to procure and install the extension, when its failure is well on its way to being a foregone conclusion.

    — DJ "docster" Holtrop
  • Like most other people, I cannot change Assistant from US to UK in Firefox for Mac , it just hangs, I have tried pretty well everything to cure it but to no avail
  • Tried to change country from America to UK - Just freezes.
  • Ne se connecte jamais sur amazon.fr
  • NOn funziona
  • Permanently loading when changing country from USA to UK.
  • Used to be great, at least the wishlist part, not so fussed about all the product recommendations, tracking etc I'm perfectly capable of making my own comparisons thanks!
    Anyway, it simply doesn't work with Firefox anymore, constant loading icon or "Sorry about this, I'm having trouble loading" message.
    Works perfectly in Edge but I'm not going there to get bombarded with what MS want you to see, so no more Amazon Assistant.
  • It works pretty good but it's not muti-browser friendly. You have to X out of all items (which is fine) then when you get home you have to X out of them all again. There needs to be a CLEAR ALL button or it needs to be able to sync what you've already cleared out.
  • Doesn't Works
  • pratique sécuritaireet rapide à tous dire service excellent
  • Useful when it works. Lots of items I would like online aren't on amazon, so this tool allows me to put them on my list which I share with my family. However it doesn't work. I keep uninstalling it, then when I reinstall it, it works. Up until I change the country from US to UK, then it won't load. Really annoying.
  • I like the amazon add-on, but I dislike the fact that it doesn't stay on my browser. Each time I restart the computer, or update the browser, I have to reload the amazon search add-on. Please fix this so that it stays on the browser toolbar.
  • I love Amazon Assistant mainly because it allows me to compare prices of similar products and helps me in making an easy purchase decision and also helps me in saving money. It also helps me with timely notifications from my Amazon account.
  • Amazon is my favorite supplyer for almost every stuff. It's an easy way to order things from every other website.
  • Won't even load.
    To make it worse, Amazon apparently blocked the “add to wishlist” bookmarklet that has always worked so well, in favor of this dud.
  • Doesn't work at all with Firefox. I can't even find a way through Amazon's website to add an item from another site. Thanks a lot, Amazon.
  • doesn't work inItaly
  • Changing to Amazon UK. Stopped working. Great job.
  • does not work for uk, when changing the country from us to uk, it just keeps loading and then fail
  • Doesn't work in Firefox. (Spain)