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  • Great product!
  • Very good
  • Great tool for instant access and making wishlist
  • Amazon Assistant is a very cool tool that offers a quick view of products in different categories. It has all basic functions which I can find on amazon portal.
  • Very useful and Comparison works well
  • I found this tool mostly useful when browsing other websites like Walmart and being able to quickly check products on Amazon to compare prices. I like that you can add items from other sites to the list, and it works most of the time, but sometimes the Assistant prompts “We don’t know this site but you can still add it to your list” and then follows up with “No product found.”

    When using it on the Amazon.com website, it didn’t seem super helpful since the same information can be found easily on the webpage. Having it open just seemed like too much duplicate information, especially considering you can have layered menus inside the Assistant pop-up as well.

    Overall, a nifty add-on that helps you keep track of your online shopping in one place.
  • This extension saved so much money while purchasing at Amazon. It is so useful
  • very useful tool
  • The bookmarklet I used to use was better (Amazon Add to Wishlist Bookmarklet). This addon snoops all pages I visit, and at times actively interferes the current site. I want something that is only active when I call on it. I'm going back to having one window open to amazon and manually copying urls to the wishlist.
  • Mon coils a eu plusieur jour de retour par la mauvaise volonté de vos livreurs
  • Goooooood
  • Doesn't work w/ my Firefox - simply says it can't access the internet (which I'm submitting this with.)
  • The built-in price notification along with the price tracking history was a good thing to have shopping on various websites. The direct link to the product's webpage on Amazon was also a pleasing idea. +2 stars for that; however, Firefox continuously froze for 15-45 seconds every time I opened a new window. Sometimes (~3/10 times), Firefox would completely freeze, and I'd have to resort to the task manager. The continuous freezing on Firefox was grounds for removal on me end. Until Amazon fixes issues like this, I'll not be using this add-on.
  • It does not work.
  • All I want is the old universal amazon button. What you get with this add-on is messages, popups, etc - even when you have all notifications turned off. When you contact Amazon "customer service" about it, their "fix" is to uninstall it.
    A ten-year-old could code a better add-on.