657 inceleme
  • Used to work awesome. Last update stopped the DOWNLOAD button from appearing when using CLASSIC YOUTUBE view.
    If this is now working, consider the 1 star as 5. But a 1 star rating is the only way to get a dev's attention.
  • Its easy to use. Just click Quick Download & wait for it to finish. No Trials or Fee, Its Free.
  • Latest update (oct 8 2019) broke support for youtube classic view (YouTube Classic extension). The download button is missing. Please restore it!
  • This bug is not as ubiquitous as it has been some weeks ago, but it's always present: After downloading some YT clip, it's always possible that the next download will not be the one you want to download, but the previous one, again. In theory, you would discover this from the double entry in your file manager then, but in practice, very often, the new download is simply lost, since days later, you cannot remember what you had intended to download then, when you discover the double download. You can minimize this risk by sorting your filemanager entries by date+time, and then systematically check each download, but it's a real nuisance, especially since this has been going on for months this way now. If it worked without fault, it would be a tremendous add-in, though. (There is another bug: It'll choke with several concurrent downloads, and that has always been this way, sometimes even with just 2 or 3 concurrent downloads, most often with 4 or more, so it's not a good idea to add on new downloads when the previous ones have not yet been finished; thankfully, the symbol shows how many downloads are currently in the making.)
  • One of the best Downloaders. But last few weeks there's an error on many Youtube-Videos: "Cannot detect url_encoded_fmt_stream_map or adaptive fmts".
    Please fix it :)
  • I wish I could give me more rating. Its best for youtube download audio and video. Must try guys
  • Good software. I like to use this.
  • Will not download most videos in 720
  • does not run on android phone