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  • Hi,
    is it still impossible to increase context menu entry number?
    4 actual items and then "More entries"... it is really sad...

    UPD. Maybe you consider adding additional option to use regular leftMouse click to open a list of recently closed tabs?
    Of course the drawback would be the loss of possibility to open last closed tab via single click. However the benefit in form of full closed list seems to be reasonable.
    In this way end users will be able to chose the preferable behaviour
    There is nothing I can do about this. For some reason Mozilla decided to not allow more entries on the top level of browserAction context menus so the "More items" submenu is the best I can do.
  • Why can it work normally and sometimes it doesn't work?
    It should work all the time and for me it does work all the time.
    So most probably you run into a bug in Firefox itself.
    Unfortunately Firefox has several bugs in its Addon API. Many open for several months without anyone really caring about fixing them.
    For further assistance please open a Issue on Github. This is a really bad place for discussion.
  • Very useful. 100% recommended.
  • Полезное дополнение, не нужно лишний раз лезть в журнал
  • it works, but you have ctrl+shift+T doing the same thing, so what's the point?
    The point is to have the history of closed tabs in the context menu and to be able to restore tabs with just one click. Not everyone wants to press three keys at once to restore a tab.
  • Полезная вещь при случайно закрытой вкладке.
  • Best one-click undo with right click history menu.
  • Tut genau was es soll: mit einem Klick letzten Tab wiederherstellen. Mit zwei Klicks einen der letzten 25 Tabs wiederherstellen. Dazu wird ein Button oben zu den anderen Buttons hinzugefügt. Ohne dieses Addon über FF geht das auch aber eben umständlicher. vielen Dank