70 inceleme
  • fast and easy
  • высвечивает красный квадратик с циферкой. оригинальное окошко... но в памяти вкладку не держит
  • Simple rápido y seguro, cumple lo que promete.
  • Awesome !
    Good shortcut for Telegram application.
  • It does what it says it does, but it lags too much for me and disabling notifications for a room doesn't seem to work. If you can deal with that then the addon is fine, but I'd rather just keep a tab open.
  • please let me use it. the link is dead. i cant install it from nowhere!
  • ...doesn't auto-init on browser start and doesn't notify for bot messages
  • 1. it is impossible to fix the window in order to work in the browser.
    2. it is impossible to adjust the window size.
    3. does not work droping text, images, links from the browser window in the telegram.
    4. when you right-click is not in the "send in a Telegram".
    5. There is no Russian language! Russia.xml can be obtained by sending a "locale android" to user @telerobot
    Make the Russian language has been available in settings.

    Fix these deficiencies, please...
    Good luck and success...
  • Estensione molto utile e veloce
  • Prático e útil.
  • On browser startup can you please make the panel init. Because right now it won't init till I click the toolbar button to open it once. So I miss messages and people call me and are like why aren't you replying. And I'm like shoot Im not getting any notifications on desktop.
  • trabaja excelente desde el navegado en la parte izquierda superior se pone un simbolo de telegram y trabaja de forma excelente. recomendado
  • Used the App for a while and enjoy desktop version too. Easy to locate groups, delete messages, and know everything stays secures. Keep up the good work!!!
  • Keep going with your good job!!
  • la uso spesso da web per essere sempre reperibile, Grazie, peccato che ogni volta che si apre su pc richiede sempre di inserire il numero di cell e di scrivere il codice ricevuto non si potrebbe togliere questo passo dal web?
  • A good job. As a suggestion, In web.telegram.org, one can close open chat windows by pressing the ESC button. It's useful if there is a way to do the same here. Also if there is possible to put a function to hide online status (not telegram way, but one-way), just like some ios/android tweaks.
  • Please add copy and paste!!!
  • Ahhhhh sweet extension
  • Ottima estensione.