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  • Login problems in hepsiburada.com(Turkey's biggest e-commercial platform)
    Thanks for reporting. You may also use the Quick issue reporter to report and provide details. This help us to fix issue.
  • Ich bilde mir ein dass Nano ein bißchen schneller ist als uBlock! werde es mal testen
  • Amazing!
  • Wow, this Add-On is so great. I love it. It is a real Adblocker without compromises. I can't understand that only "a few" people use it even though it is the best one.
    The programmer knows about the importance of privacy and how to obtain it.
    I had no idea about the ping to reveal my internal IP address and that the big browsers have no check box to disable it.

    [O.t.: Mozilla is recommending an add-on for grammar checking that submits every! key input not only to the programmers' servers. they also "share" these as "anonymized information". I believe grammar could be checked on the local device and the input reveals who you are after a few sentences. And share means sell.]

    I thought privacy is a main topic for mozilla. They should promote and recommend the Add-On "Nano Adblocker".
    After working through its settings and reading the provided extra information, I know that I have to do my part as a non programmer. Thank you for your great work and giving me the red pill.
  • @BOGDANPRIME - Don't be a jerk. The permission has NOTHING to do with this developer. It's from upstream. https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uBlock-issues/issues/780
  • As stated below, the new IP access permition is required in uBO (which Nano is based in) to block a type of tracker. It's being public discussed by weeks now and there's no need to offend anyone, you can use another extension if you don't agree with the new permission.
  • BE CAREFUL: The latest update has requested access to information about the IP-address and computer name! If you have permissions automatically issued in your browser settings, then REMOVE THIS EXTENSION TO HELL and write to the author by e-mail that he as a DEVELOPER IS A RAT!

    БУДЬТЕ ОСТОРОЖНЫ: Последнее обновление запросило права на доступ к информации об IP-адресе и имени компьютера! Если у вас в настройках браузера разрешения выдаются автоматически, тогда СНЕСИТЕ ЭТО РАСШИРЕНИЕ К ЧЕРТУ, и напишите автору на е-мейл что он, как РАЗРАБОТЧИК - КРЫСА!
    I am sorry for the new permission scaring you and late for reply. Just as other users' comment, the new DNS permission is requested from upstream for solving this issue https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uBlock-issues/issues/780

    You may view the source code if you really afraid the permission goes wrong. If you still disagree with the new permission, you may choose to stay in previous version or post your opinion on issue tracker for further discussion.
  • Seems like a configured ublock addon, works extremely well.
  • The best adblocker along with nano defender. Great couple. That add-on has never dissapointed me at all. Good job LiCybora, thank You.
  • What more do you want. ad free youtube videos / ad free facebook videos / ad free music on spotify. doesnt use a huge amount of resources like some ad blockers. my first review as i felt the need to.. essential to firesfox.
  • I love this addons, pairing with Nano Defender, free surfing with no Ads
  • i logged in just go give 5 star review! Thanks for prompt fix when I filed a bug report. Now it works like a charm and no more eye hurting ads.

    I have noticed a bug for the custom filter page where the scrolling is a bit dry. Like it wouldn't scroll properly and stutters a bit.

    Thanks again.
  • Such underrated ad-blocker. This is the best addon for browser available. Period.
  • Хорошее расширение с большим количеством настроек и фильтров. Не имеет ряда адгуардовских косяков. Спасибо!:)