2.316 reviews
  • One of the best ideas for browsers! Would be great if tabs automatically opened specific tab containers for specific domains
  • Excellent
  • absolutamente indispensable para compartimentalizar las distintas cuentas en el trabajo.
  • This is so useful if you don't want certain sites to communicate with each other in your browser. Would be nice if they made it easier to switch containers without needing another addon for that.

    Great for Privacy tho
  • In my search to replace chrome I had the hardest time finding a replacement for having multiple profiles. This add on works under a different paradigm than the profiles in Chrome, however, once I got used to the way it worked I'm finding it to be a proficient replacement for that feature. A few tweaks or additional settings would be nice but otherwise containers are fantastic.
  • Truly a must have! I use it in combination with "Simple Tab Groups" and couldn't be happier.
  • This is a great feature for developers. I work on different projects with different Jira, code repos, etc. and this makes it so I don't have to login and out constantly. Saves a ton of time/annoyance. The only addition I'd like to see is syncing since you have to set it up for each new computer.
  • Amazing idea, flawless execution. Kudos to mozilla team. Keep up the good stuff.
  • So far so good. One foil is that Google wants everything in the same container. Be nice if there's a work around for that.
  • Bug: in my ff options there is a message "An extension, Firefox Multi-Account Containers, requires Container Tabs", how to remove that?
    I don't understand what and how this is working, but installing this extension is a great relief. Thanks.
  • This is a time saver as i use different accounts in Mozilla for my parents and for myself.
    Love it. Recommend it.
  • Amazing idea! Let's hope it really works.
  • Amazing tool! I manage several different Office 365 tenants and this allows me to setup admin and test user profiles for each without having to open private tabs or use multiple browsers.
  • Excelent!