2.579 reviews
  • If you want to separate your personal searches from large ad selling companies, this is it.
  • Fantastic !!! ... thanks for all your hard work in creating such a great product with great features :)
  • Great add-on. One of the reasons to use Firefox over other browsers. Ideal for testing e.g. Office 365 with regular user accounts on one set of tabs and an admin account on other tabs. I would love to see the container configuration being synchronized via my account, just like most other Firefox settings.
  • Makes life much easier for me managing multiple credentials for the same sites. The only complain I have is that I can not go in and manually edit the rules to open tabs.
    If the tab preferences could be synced to be used across devices it would be really great.
  • This addon is a very usefull tool for your privacy.
    I can recomend it!
  • This is Amazing! Everyone should use this. I have three different credentials at work (normal, admin, dev) and this keeps them separate so I can be logged into all three without causing conflicts.
  • I was using this even when this add on was in test pilot. I live by this add On but since past few day this is giving me issue.

    The issue is that when ever i close firefox the extension reset to default. Please fix it.

    This is a five star Add on only because of the problem that i am facing recently, i am rating it one star.

    I just made an id to comment.
  • Great idea, but it should be synced accross devices
  • Very handy when you need to connect to the same site concurrently with different authentications
  • Excellente idée, il ne manque plus que les containers soient synchronisés sur le compte Firefox pour que cela soit parfait.