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  • Used to love this app but like others when this app is enable now in its current version it causes a memory leak the more you use this app the more the memory grows till Firefox Crashes. Disable this app and the memory leak is gone and firefox memory use stay the same. Firefox should not continue to increase memory with 5 tabs open and at idle with this app running. Apon disabling this app firefox return to normal memory behavior. I don't know what heppened but this app used to be good. Now it just slow down firefox.and makes the browser crash. please fix it... Hence the 2 stars until the memory leak is fixed
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  • Acurate forecast that i can actually rely on!
  • I love the up to date information, love being able to have it on the bottom of the browser windows. It's my go-to on a daily basis. Probably my favorite add-on!

    The only problem is that a yellow warning keeps popping up on the top of the browser windows saying it's slowing down Firefox. I had to disable it to stop it from happening. This has just been the last week or so, before that it was working brilliantly! Firefox updated, perhaps there is a conflict now?
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  • Had been working perfectly til recently, when it is working it's really good :)
  • Хорошее расширение
  • Bobsiripak@gmail.com
  • Excellent addon..
    For the people who dont like web extension you can use the old one ,with status bar,they can use Waterfox or Cyberfox
  • I'm not liking the new WebExtensions design at all. I really hope you find a way around it. It just doesn't look any good at all anymore without being able to have the forecast days and satellite in the status bar.

    I would say that while Firefox may be getting rid of xul stuff, there are other browsers like Waterfox which will continue to support both. It might not be a bad idea to at the very least enable users to use the xul stuff if their browser still supports it.

    Don't get me wrong, this is probably my favorite and most critical add-on. That's why I'm even bothering to leave feedback. I never do.
  • Great extension that is easy to use and very informative. Would highly recommend if you want a lightweight extension that doesn't make your browser crash!
  • This morning, I got a notice saying that there is a script in Forecast Fox (fix version) slowing Firefox down. Please fix the issue. This is my favorite weather extension. Also, I preferred the version that sat in the status bar.
  • please, put it back to bookmarks-toolbar, with old design!!!
  • Sehr, sehr, sehr gut! Ausführlichst, Premium-Service.
  • Отлично !!!