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  • Игнорирует некоторые настройки
  • I'll contribute $25 if the developers can make Forecastfox sync all my settings in the add-on with my Firefox Sync account! I know this can be done as long as not over 80 KB of data from each particular add-on is synced!
    Forecastfox - options - buttons: "save settings" and "load settings"
  • merci
  • I've used this extension on my 32 bit Firefox v39 and have recently added a 54 bit install for v 56 which was missing this tool so i had to add it here and love that I was able to change the location to where I live and add a second one.
  • It was working great and then I did a refresh on firefox and had to re-add forecastfox and now I cannot change location. The google map says error also and I believe this is an API issue in website needing to pay for upgrade in API. Nothing we can do as users. I still have it on my laptop and it works fine there for now but not on my desktop computer. Just keeps the location for New York where I do not live.
  • Wonderful and extremely useful add-on. Very unobtrusive and easy to read with customization for the end user available. Recommend for those who like to keep track the weather without having to switch to an outside application in the OS environment.
  • No longer works in Thunderbird
  • very nice work!, but need proxy
  • very good weather app!
  • this app is very well done i would like to see in the newest version colors as i see it only greys color but i think in the future it will be done. thanks for getting this addon reborn and keep up with the good work