499 inceleme
  • Not possible to add city for some time now FF 66.0.2 and Forecast 4.20. Started in 2018. I do not live in New York so this extensision has become obsolete for me, sorry. Understand, more users with this problem but with some prehistoric versions FF and Forecast.
  • Figured out my problem, now I'm excited to be using this app since it looks great :)
  • I have used this for quite a while. It's simply the best extension for me. I use it daily/all day.
  • Keeps asking for money.
  • The settings are changed after every single update to the default values (including the city, Anglo-Saxon units and every other stuff). I really hate it. I must go to the add-on's page and make the full procedure again and again. Otherside the add-on is good but this thing is really frustrating.
  • Игнорирует некоторые настройки